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Can still access event island and encounter pokemons on it


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Hello, this is the alt account of @Harutaa


I just logged in on my alt account and saw that i'm still on the event island. 

While travelling back i was still able to encounter pokemons. I dont know if this needed to be reported but after i left the island the sailor disappeared so i can't access anymore. 

This happened on this account @Tabalugaa and it was on silver server. For Questions feel free to ask.





Hope it helps to prevent from bug abusers. 🙂 


Greetings, Harutaa


2nd Edit: If i use escape rope i can get teleported back to the hw map. (tried out to report). But as soon as i left the pc, i spawned in olivine pc. 😄


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Greetings @Tabalugaa,


When an Event comes to an end, every player who is still on the Event Island are teleported to the last Pokecenter they visited.

And when this pokecenter is on the Event Island, when the player wants to go out, he is teleported to the Pokecenter from the last Harbour City he went to come to the Event Island.


I will now lock this topic!


Kind regards


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