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  1. Siidon

    World Quest

    I agree with Vango. There is enough time to prepare for every World Quest. They announce it even with the time already so its almost impossible you miss a wq because its too early for you, you simply go to bed earlier or just miss it. (understand if you have work to do or something, i feel the pain) There is no way for the staff to start a world quest to a time that is comfortable for every player since we have players from all over the world in all time zones. Even if they move the time 2-3 hours forward it will be a „problem“ for players in new zealand or eastern australia for example. WOMP WOMP I have to agree with Thodo on the 2 World Quests per Month / Week / Day tho. Would be a cool change that could help the PvE Guilds to collect Tickets and unlock Guild Island, get the legendaries that you still miss or just collect it for whatever. PvE wise its a cool thing for the guilds to be able to collect more tickets because guild island has awesome spawns that can be changed by votes and some pokemons (alo-grimer for example) that dont even spawn outside of events. Don’t agree with changing the time but agree with at least 2 World quests a month.
  2. how many ppl were in your group in the dungeon? did you defeat all guardians at the same time? did the kyurems change places after you defeated them or did they stay where they were? did the one on vicini move around or just stand there? bc sometimes you have to walk around to the barrier disappears.
  3. Hey, did you do both kyurem 9 times or just one? here is a kyurem white and a kyurem black in the dungeon you have to defeat them at the same time in order to break the barrier and fight the victini in the middle of the room. Do you have and screenshots of which kyurem you exactly mean? hope this doesn't count as mini modding just trying to help.
  4. yo, i need a full dex service for my alt account dm me here or on discord not_manuu
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