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Hasken Wish list (buying shinies and expensive mons) 27.11


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List of pokes im actually looking for: 




-Moxie gyarados / magikarp under lvl 39

-Moxie Gyarados / Magikarp under lvl 69

-Bold, calm, jolly, adamant, modest, impish sync (natu/xatu)

-Swift swim Kingdra

-Careful Altaria



-Bold Clone Venusaur

-Jolly clone Charizard

-Halloween Tyranitar

-Halloween Garchomp

-Halloween sand rush Excadrill

-Halloween BB greninja (under lvl 69 or 39 if possible)




-Modest HA hp fire Venusaur

-Epic adamant Swampert

-Bold hp ground Volcarona


Dm here, ingame or at discord: Hasken

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  • Hasken changed the title to Hasken Wish list (buying shinies and expensive mons) 27.11

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