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15 minute extension


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What: Reduce the 15 minute auction extension rule around 5 minutes (my opinion)
Why: I feel this is too excessive of a time and is unnecessarily long. For me at least on multiple occasions I get people bidding last minute after the initial extension, This can make the auction last significantly longer than the original time. In my case recently it lasted 1hr and 19minutes extra. As well as this, imo it kind of can promote toxic behavior to just constantly bid in the last minute. It also make those bidding, say at night for their time zone stay up well past there usual time (i know its a game and no one makes them) just to try and get something.

Faults: Yes i know even if it is decreased to say 5 minutes people can still bid on the 4 minute mark. However, this is way less waiting time than the current 15 minutes. 

The 15 minute rule is there to stop people just sniping last second. With even a decrease to 5 minutes, it still serves the purpose of preventing this. I may be alone in this and it may just create more damage, with those unaware of potential changes. I just thought I would provide my thoughts on an issue I believe could be changed, although isnt a pressing matter. Any feedback and your opinions and reasons are welcome, positive or negative, which may change my perspective on this matter.

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some times while doing an auction it felt like some people intentionally bid very late (maybe to anoy people in hope that they do not bid anymore). i also experienced long overtime on auctions, which is not really in favor of buyers and sellers. Forcing the bidders to make a fast bid war can make some auctions less toxic, but there is also the risk that a buyer might be distracted for a short ammount of time and loses an auction because of that. I personaly prefer the 5 min suggestion, but 10 min would also be helpful and maybe a bit more friendly to buyers


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