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  1. Hey, I have a question about how the double reroll works. So if I buy the double reroll will it only count towards the pokemon that i reroll first or can I reroll another pokemon with double reroll when I am content with the reroll of my first pokemon after the first to third try or so? This might be a weird question but double reroll is a huge investment especially if you save up to 10 tickets for it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Love the answers and the idea of removing the cd for some money! And yes Raika it was only meant for the cd not because i lost rating. I get dc'd that often that chasing rating just doesn't make sense haha
  3. In my opinion it is really unfair to those who do not have an incredibly stable internet connection to punish these players with a 10 min break of fighting. You get punished enough by losing rating. If it is about the avoidance of pushing, just dont let anyone fight the same opponent in consecutive battles- problem solved. Honestly it is the most frustrating aspect of this game and it serves literally no purpose whatsoever. I hope you think about changing it. For me it is always like: Alright i can not fight for the next 10 minutes, then I go offline for the next hour or so. You.lose.players.with.this. Sorry for my temper but this really gets on my nerves massively. Have a nice day guys and stay healthy!
  4. Use mysterious candy. Also sometimes if it does not work just relog and you should be fine.
  5. Wtb mudkip 200k and florges 24 def 13 speed 100k
  6. gg norbulka what an intense bidding war it was! Thanks a lot to Henrypart for the competent and friendly auctioning process!
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