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  1. It has Contrary. It all works as it should.
  2. I respect your point of view and understand the comment about checks and counters. However I personally think we would see more variety if Clefable was banned. Also i dont specifically plan for Clefable but you gotta have it covered you know. Of course Mega Scizor for example is more than a Clefable Counter I understand that.
  3. Well tbh i have never had any major problems with greninja (playin against it) which is why i would want it back. You dont get the point. Its not about how good the pokemon is, it is about the amount of planning you have to take into account when teambuilding. You mention its counters but this exactly adds to my point that you gotta plan for clef in advance. So now you have to have some kind of clef counter in team for it not to become superdangerous. -1 spot in your team. Honestly i always hear the same stuff when this is discussed (not the first time someone posted this). And honestly I am okay with Clef not being banned but that doesnt mean that its not unhealthy for the variance of pokemon and teambuilding. It is as simple as that. So you can still say oh this counters it etc. But this is far away from the point the OP wanted to make.
  4. Agree. Would open up the meta a lot imo. Not sayin that it isnt beatable but if i wouldnt need to solve the clef problem every time while team building this would open up a team slot for a more rarely used pokemon without getting completely annihalated from clef. Also there is a reason why its S-Tier in Pro-Meta. Bring Greninja back and ban clef.
  5. Dig spots, Excavations and Headbutt trees are currently diabled due to server issues regarding scripted spawns.
  6. -1 just for getting rid of mega stones for the sake of newbies. I would much rather see something like UU implemented so you can play a little more of what you like than another OU without Megas
  7. +1 from me overall. I think its all a bit too much tbh like your spawns are a bit too overpowered but in general very nice suggestions! My favorites are: reroll ticket obtainability, every 1000 points a reward, stat-modifying berries (way too hard to farm atm, i would raise the price for them though) and of course shiny rocks
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