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Stories are supposed to be creative, right? Anyway, so this is an incarnation of multiple other ideas that I have. I decided, since I quit making a version of this story on my YouTube Animation Channel, I would try to incorporate the idea of Pokémon Revolution Online into it as a substitute. I guess a disclaimer is that PRO is strictly just a name for the game in the series. In no way does this relate to the game - how it is or how it will be (basically, it's just an alternate universe). With that being said, I hope you all can enjoy the story for what it is! I will be editing this post frequently with more and more chapters. I will follow up with a post to, I guess, bump the thread and let people know that there is more content! Also, there are supposed to be indents, but I do not know how to do that in the forums. :thanks:



[glow=purple]A REVOLUTION[/glow]


This story follows the adventures of a young man named Colton as he travels through a virtual world to stop a group of evil individuals who are somehow sending Pokémon into the real world and causing mayhem.




[glow=purple]Chapter 1: Worthless[/glow]


“Come on! It’s a right! Make a freaking right!” A muffled voice echoed in the darkness. My body jerked to the left where I found myself leaning on something hard yet soft at the same time. Curiosity opened my eyes and I looked up to see a man - a big man. I was resting on his gigantic right arm while he glared at me. His eyes pierced through my self-confidence and I froze.

“Left! Left!” I was thrown to the right and rammed into a car door. The wind whipped my hair back as the topless vehicle sped down the road. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that a man with brown hair, glasses, and a blue button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves was driving the car - his white knuckles gripped the steering wheel.

“We have to get to the lab, fast!” A woman said in the passenger seat. Her hair was long and blond, her eyes were the color of oceans but the waves were choppy, and she wore a white t-shirt with a red flannel over. Her fingers were wrapped around the grip above her door. Finally, it hit me.

“Who are you people?” I yelled out. The car stopped as a roar pounded against my eardrums. I stood up to see, but the bulky man pulled me down. I only got a glimpse of a brown and red monster.

“Are you crazy, kid? Ashby, this kid needs to be knocked out again.” He recommended.

“No! We can’t afford anymore damage. If he gets a concussion the game won’t let him take the dive.” The lady in the front seat answered. Another roar shook all of us. An explosion occurred and fragments from a building ricocheted off of the car. A big hand smacked the back of the driver’s seat.

“Drive you idiot!” He yelled. The car swerved down an alley. I turned to my left to see two giant monsters. They looked familiar. Thoughts swirled through my mind. The game. The monsters.

“Pokémon Revolution… Are those?” Another explosion sent a wave of air propelling us forward. I grabbed the edge of my seat. “What the… Those were…” I started breathing heavily as the realization hit me.

“Yo, Ashby. The dude is freaking out!” The big dude informed.

“Dang, Colton, you need to calm down.” The lady named Ashby said while looking over her shoulder.

“I just saw… Pokémon! I got to be dreaming. There’s no way this could possibly be happening right now!” I exclaimed.

“Colton,” Ashby grabbed my hand, “You need to calm down.”

“How is this happening then?” I asked. She released a sigh and started doodling with something in her lap. Ashby handed me an electronic tablet with a bunch of news articles. Looking closely, I saw pictures of other Pokémon terrorizing various towns all across the globe. A Charizard in California. A Golurk in London. A Steelix in Tokyo. Even a Mewtwo in Times Square.

“But this doesn’t make any sense. How are these monsters actually real?”

“Exactly twenty-four hours ago our servers kicked every player out - including GMs and Admins. Controls have been locked down and we were set as mere spectators while we watched a group of individuals started doing something weird in the game.” Ashby explained. She reached over and clicked on a video of the users that were still online. They were hooded men and women with their Pokémon all out. One by one the Pokémon all started disappearing.

“How? How can something like this happen?” She didn’t respond. Ashby looked to her right away from everyone.

“Full-dive virtual reality.” She muttered. Tuning to me, she said, “It is possible with full-dive virtual reality.”

“PRO is just a keyboard and mouse game, though.” I laughed. However, her face remained still.

“We started working with a virtual reality group known as The Dive. They have been experimenting with scanners that can transfer a player directly into the game.”

“What? That’s insane!” I exclaimed. The driver shot me a look of uncertainty through the rearview mirror. Meanwhile the big guy next to me just chucked and muttered something underneath his breath.

“Currently, there is only one known scanner that leads into PRO. We keep it at the lab we are heading to now, but there may be more if these people are taking Pokémon out of the game.”

“So, not only is it possible to put players into the game, but it’s also possible to take Pokémon out of the game?”

“You understand the circumstance this forces upon us? If this technology is in the wrong hands-”

“Like it is already.” I interrupted.

“Then whoever has control of the scanner can do unbelievable things…” Ashby’s voice broke at the end of her sentence. In the distance, I could hear people screaming followed by an explosion - probably a building collapsing. I closed my eyes.

“Why me?” I whispered. Opening my eyes, I looked at all of them. “Why did you pick me? How do you even know who I am?”

“My name is Iris Ashby. I am the creator of Pokémon Revolution Online. We selected you because you are the fifth best battler in the PRO ladder.”

“What about the other four above me? Why didn’t you contact them?” She turned away but I caught a glimpse of regret on her face as she avoided eye contact. “You did. You did send them.” I answered. Her fingers tightened around the grip above her door once more.

“Each one of them disappeared on the map one day except for one. She, apparently, pledged allegiance to the group.”

“I’m sorry, but, if the top four players of this game can’t stop this group of freaks, what makes you think I can?” I asked. However, nobody responded. You’re worthless. I heard a voice echo in my head. My eyes widened. After years of running away, she found me. I clenched the edge of my seat. The big lug next to me noticed that I was extremely tense. My cheeks began to bulge out.

“Stop the car!” He yelled. I unbuckled my seatbelt as the car came to a halt. Bolting out of the vehicle, I made it a few steps away before my mouth finally bursted open. I don’t think I need to describe what was happening. You guys get the picture? Good. When I finished, I was breathing heavily. A hand touched my shoulder.

“You’re haunted by her.” The woman from the car spoke. I wiped the invisible residue from my mouth and turned towards her.

“How do you know about her?” I interrogated.

“Background search. I know all about your mother. I also know about your little sister. My condolences.”

“You shouldn’t have done that! That is my past! You have shouldn’t pried!” I yelled. However, she remained unmoved.

“I had a little boy once. He was five when I officially launched PRO. One day, he got sick… And then he…” She paused to bring her fist up to her face and looked away. Ashby deeply inhaled and squeezed her eyelids. “He passed away.” She grabbed my hand. “Colton, you can do this. Do it for your sister.”

You’re worthless.

“But, I’m… I’m worthless.” I admitted.

“No. You are not what your mother cursed you to think you are. You have the capabilities of doing extraordinary things. My little boy is to me what your little sister is to you. We will be better people for them.” Ashby encouraged. I looked at the ground. The demeaning comments from my mother’s ghost still rang in my ear.

Big brother, a new voice appeared. Please, save them. I looked at Ashby as if she heard it but she didn’t. She was just smiling at me. I cracked a smirk.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” I said.

We got to the lab, although it looked more like a tiny house just outside of the city. There wasn’t anyone houses around - just a dirt road that we diverged onto. Trees surround the tiny building.

“This is the main server room - also where we keep it.” Ashby explained. My eyebrows scrunched together.

“What is it?” I asked. She opened the door to a room filled with monitors and machines and in the center of the room was a pod with giant wires on the floor. I stood at the doorway with my jaw feeling nearly inches off the ground. A hand pushed my shoulder and I stumbled into the room. I turned to see the big man chuckling.

“Thantos!” Ashby exclaimed. The buff guy named Thantos stopped laughing, but a smirk was still painted on his face. I walked over to the giant pod. There was low humming coming from it. However, a voice was whispering to me. You’re not good enough. I took a step back.

“Colton,” Ashby called over. I turned to her working on some computer with Thantos and the other man from the car looking at the monitor. “Are you alright?” She asked.

“I… I can’t do this.” I admitted.


“No!” I shouted. “This… This is crazy! I’m not as strong as the other four. I can’t do this.”

“Colton, the voice you are hearing isn’t your mother. You have to believe that. It’s just a negative ghost wearing your mother’s face. Please, just go into the scanner.” She pleaded. I turned to the giant pod. You’re worthless. I shook my head.

“No!” I shouted while running to the exit. Thantos stood in front of it with his arms crossed. His arms wrapped around me, he picked me up, and carried me to the scanner.

“Colton, you need to do this.” Ashby commanded. My legs tried to kick the muscled-man but he strapped me into the capsule. The humming got louder and louder in my ear. A bar came and travelled up and down my body. I started to panic in hopes that the machine would stop due to health procedures.

Big brother, a voice whispered in the midst of the chaos. An image of my baby sister flashed in my head. Big brother, you’re amazing! Please, do this. Do this for me.

“But… Lexi. I’m not worth it.”

You’re my big brother! You can do anything in my eyes. Please.

I looked above where lights were pouring down me. My breathing stabilized. The light began to grow brighter. I started getting dizzy. In the distance I started to hear the cries of monsters from the virtual world. The buzz of the machines faded out. The warm lights of the scanner became the sun’s rays. I heard the gentle breeze of a clear, blue sky. Down below was the virtual land slowly approaching. I was in PRO.


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