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Beat Deoxys


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or you can also beat both rayquaza and deoxys with marill / azumarill all u need is them having hidden ability

i used marill lvl9 to beat rayquaza wish insta evolved to lvl33 azumarill wish i used to beat deoxys :D tackled them to death :devil:


edit: you'll get exactly 0 dmg and for each time they atk u get + 1 stage atk if am not mistaken

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189276 Hi guys. Since a lot of people is stuck in fighting [glow=red]Deoxys[/glow] in the Moon. I will show you the quickest and easiest way to beat him.


1. Come to sky pillar and catch 4 [glow=green]Spinarark[/glow]or [glow=green]Ariados[/glow]. It is spawned with level 46+ and it's enough to beat [glow=red]Deoxys[/glow] without any investment


2. Evolve all your [glow=green]Spinarak[/glow]into [glow=green]Ariados[/glow]and re-learn [glow=blue]Sucker Punch[/glow] for all of them (2k each).


3. Now you are ready to to for [glow=red]Deoxys[/glow]. Just throw [glow=blue]Sucker Punch[/glow] on him because you always go first :D


Easy, right? You will save a lot of money from buying a good pokemon.


Note: if you want to be safe. catch 5 instead of 4. I have tested. and 5 [glow=green]Ariados[/glow] will surely beat [glow=red]Deoxys[/glow]. Also after beating him, find Rayquaza in one of the cave to fly back to Earth instead of log out to continue the quest.


Good luck everyone.

Great idea dude thnks for that apport xd

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