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Hello there! :Smile:


I make doodles, and stuff. I also make commissions but I won't be making that thread right now, so much work! But if you are interested before I post a thread for it, just send me a little note~.


I'll post all kinds of stuff as I don't have too much Pokémon work right now, but it may increase in Pokémon percentage soon enough hopefully~! :kiss:


I'll put some 2017 worksies I like here and I'll update in newer posts later as it's quite a bit even if I am picky~.



One of my original characters, Adarrin~.





A bat.





Another OC of mine, Amo!





Commission of an Asura, from GW2.





Bhaltair, another OC of mine.





A doodle of King from Tekken.





My OC Ekkna in her Aywas form. (Aywas is like Neopets kinda.)





A Naga, from World Of Warcraft.





Landscape practice.





Another one of my OC's in her GW2 form, a Sylvari~.



I do commissions~ Poke me if you're interested.

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Very nice work. I'd love to see what else you can do :)

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Thank you so much both! <3 Here's some more stuff then. :Grin: :Exclam:


Some Photoshopping practice.



One of my original characters, Malyna~.



Still life practice.


I do commissions~ Poke me if you're interested.

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