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  1. In each and every case, they don't ban all of the accounts. Only in rare cases they do so, I believe. And if you're no longer welcome to PRO, maybe they ban the new accounts you create. Not so sure. Moreover, talking about ban here is not allowed. :3
  2. Hey Had you traded it before the ID of the pokemon had been saved? It usually takes 4 minutes or so to save its ID, you will have to relog again and again until it saves the id. If you trade before it is saved, the ot will be gone. Keep this in mind. I think you will have to get a new one sadly. Hope this helps. Have fun Regards Warden
  3. Hello!! It is of course, a known graphic glitch. I assume that may or may not be fixed in the future as it is actually harmless. Nonetheless, in the future, if you wish to report bugs, please use the Bug Resolution Center . Hope this helps! Regards, Warden
  4. Hello there! Yes, the glitch occurs and is common. This occurs when you attempt to drag and drop the Pokemon directly from the PC to the chatbox. To avoid it, you should first drag and drop it on your team and then display in the chat. If you do not follow this, the Pokemon gets stuck on your screen till you re-launch the client. Yes, it will not disappear even after entering a different map. Moreover, as the Pokemon are locked in your PC, I assume you would not be able to show them in the chat. Have fun! Regards Warden
  5. I assume as you have already mentioned it here, staff will notice it. Whenever they are available, they might assist you. Firstly, make sure you actually played on Blue. If, so, you can request an unmerge an if you figured you played on Red, log in and enjoy. Have a fun day! Regards, Warden
  6. Hello! Can you please attempt to change your password on the Dashboard and try again t log in to Silver. Moreover, if you played on Blue and selected Red as your main account, your progress story wise would be wiped and you will only have your Pokemon, items and so forth left. I assume if you want unmerge, you will have to request a staff. Please also do note that only the game mechanincs have been updated to Generation 7 and the Pokemon may be released soon. Have fun and enjoy! Regards Warden
  7. Hello! By any chance, were you doing the Heatren quest recently? Regards, Warden
  8. Hello! Firstly, welcome to PRO and enjoy the game! I will try my best to answer your questions! You are right. The Map Submissions sub-forum is empty. This is not because nobody applied, that is because that is a private sub-forum. (Only the staff team and the player who posted the application can view their post; a sub-forum similar to Report Center, Discipline appeals and so forth). That, I am not sure. Apologies about that. :c (I assume you should first showcase your talent with the provided tilesheet. Just an assumption) The requirements to enter the queue to PvP is you willl
  9. Hello! I assume you experienced a crash. Hence, can you please try the following steps? Hope this works! Regards, Warden
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