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Abandoned Ship Quest


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Finding the keys

Scanner & The Storage Unit

Heading to Slateport Museum

Hidden Items







To start the quest, you need to head to Route 108 and enter the Abandoned Ship.



Upon entering, you'll notice that you're in the Abandoned Ship Exterior.

There's nothing too special about this place except that there is an Aqua Tail Move Tutor.

However, you notice the room on the top floor is locked and needs six keys in order to be unlocked.



Start exploring the ship, battling trainers, and familiarizing yourself with the various rooms to look for the captain office keys.

The specific locations for each key is shown below, with their map name included to help you find them:

[spoiler=Locations of All Keys][spoiler=Abandoned Ship 1F Room 1]


[spoiler=Abandoned Ship 1F Room 2]


[spoiler=Abandoned Ship B1F]You need to interact with the stray Wingull in order to pick up this key.


[spoiler=Abandoned Ship B1F Room 4]


[spoiler=Abandoned Ship B1F Room 3]


[spoiler=Abandoned Ship B1F Room 1]



After finding all the keys, head up to the Captain's Office. Be ready to battle Captain Bickerstaff! His team is full of Lv40 Pokemon.

430.png 302.png 354.png 426.png



Upon defeating Captain Bickerstaff, he'll reward you some money, give you the storage unit key and leave you with his Clamperl.










Before you started this quest, you may or may not have talked to Captain Stern in Slateport Museum 1F.

Talking to him wasn't necessary to invoke the quest, but Captain Stern mentions that he needs a Scanner, hinting that Wendy has it.



So, after completing 'Finding The Keys', we can now head to the Storage Unit in Abandoned Ship B1F.

However, it's important to pick up the scanner from Sailor Wendy beforehand, as you cannot pick up the mossy blob otherwise.

Yes, this is the Wendy that Captain Stern was talking about.



Previously, the door was locked, but since Captain Bickerstaff gave us the key, we can enter it now.



Upon entering, you notice a mossy blob on the floor. Weirdly enough, it reacts to the scanner!










Afterward, head back to Slateport Museum and talk to Captain Stern.

He'll notice that you have the scanner and will ask for it in return of giving you whatever was in the mossy blob.



For all players, it could either be a Deep_Sea_Tooth.png Deep Sea Tooth or a Deep_Sea_Scale.png Deep Sea Scale.

Personally, I got a Deep Sea Scale.



These are evolutionary items done to evolve 366.png Clamperl into either a 367.png Huntail or 368.png Gorebyss.






Various items are scattered across the ship for the player to loot.

After all, what's the point of exploring an abandoned ship without anything to grab?


TM-Ice.png TM 13 - Ice Beam


Abandoned Ship B1F Room 4



TM-Water.png TM 68 - Rain Dance


Storage Unit



Revive.png Revives


Abandoned Ship 1F Room 1



Water Stone


Abandoned Ship 1F Room 2



Great Ball


Abandoned Ship 1F Room 2



Escape Rope


Abandoned Ship B1F Room 1







I'd like to thank NisseP for his original guide and locations of the keys.

I'd also like to thank the Community Coordinators for reviewing this guide.

If there's something I'm missing in the guide, such as an item location, feel free to let me know and I'll add it!

I couldn't find the artist who drew the beautiful image I used in this guide, but I'd like to credit them as well.

Let me know if you can find the artist.

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