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  1. Hi as I see players asking about "Where is eevee", "How to find the key", "How to get out hideout" and so on many times. So I will write this guide. Hope it can help you guys. Thanks Talk with Sergeant Rick for starting quest and option 2 for accept. Then you go to Casino as rocket hideout Talk with Greg and you will be moved to underground, after that talk with him again, and pick up item in table After that go down and you will see elevator, select B2F. Prepare for battle with Jackson, he has 4 pokemon with lv from 23-27. Only the last Umbreon Lv27 is trouble. Using Poliwag with fighting move will beat it easy. And don't forget pick up hidden item - Iron in here. Now you will be prison and every time Team Rocket face to you, they will prison you again and again >_< really annoy... So be careful from now. For escape, you can talk with crate for jump out the room - watch out these two guard outside! The best way is waitting for these 2 guys go up and then u can jump out Follow the green arrows and you will be fine, just beware the guard girl on top and don't forget pick up Black Glasses item. Go upstairs for go back PC to heal or downstairs for continue Now you will in B2F, go right ahead. Watch out this guard! You will see the Maze now. Pickup 3 Max Ether and 1 Pokeball in this map, having battle with team rocket in here too. Follow the green arrow for continue and red arrow for exist Now, you are in the place before prison, go upstairs and fight with 3 NPCs for exp. This floors also have hidden item - 2 super potions and 1 hyper potion Now go downstairs and go back the maze by follow red arrow to the downstairs B3F(as below picture) In B3F, before go down for battle girl NPC and then prepare for Greg battle. I recommend you find some exp before, so let skip it now and go left. You will see the small maze now o_0 Battle with team rocket and pick up TM07 - HornDrill. Go downstairs to B4F and continue battle NPCs for exp. In B4F you will also find Card Key and hidden item - 2 Revives in trash bin After clear this floor go back in upstairs and now you can have battle with Greg. His team order: You almost done now. Go heal and then go to Big Maze at the previous in B2F and then go into elevator , select B4F. Fight with 2 NPCs left in there and then go to find hidden gate. Prepare for fighting with Giovanni around lv 30-35, he is not a joke! His team order is: Be carefull with Persian for Power Gem move. A easy way to win this battle would be by: Using water pokemon level 40+ as One backup pokemon lv35+ that have dig as Make sure pick up item in table after you beat Giovanni. After you defeated Giovanni you automaticly have the password for the machines standing in the team rocket base, eevee is in 1 of them (machine around the basement not only in the room). Here is location of them: After you received Eevee go back to Sergeant Rick for completed quest (and you now cannot get back to hideout anymore). Contributors: Windypuff(Creator); Letrix; Shaui
  2. Recommend Gengar LV 80+ Timid/Modest Item: Black Sludge EV train: 252spatk|252spd|6hp Move set: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball/Icy Wind, Psychic (Icy Wind teach by move tutor at Seafoam B4F by 5000$) (Thunderbolt teach by tm buy at Vermillion City Gym by 3000$) (Psychic teach by tm buy at Saffron City Gym by 3000$) Gyarados LV80+ Adamant/Jolly Item: Leftover EV train: 252atk|252spd|6hp Move set: Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, Cruch, Aqua Tail And also don't forget take some backup items Revive x7, Hyper potion x15, Leppa Berry x10 The more level of your pokemon team, the less buying for backup items E4 Team • Lorelei • Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for beat all team • Bruno • Gengar lead with using Psychic for beat all team • Agatha • Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for Crobat and Pyschic for all • Lance • Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for Gyarados and Charizard, while Shadow ball/ Icy Wind for others. Also you can alternatively with Gyarados lead with using Cruch for Gyardos, Aqua tail for Charizard and Ice Fang for others • Blue/Gary • Gyarados lead with using Dragon Dance 2-3 times at the beginning and then using Cruch for Alakazam and Mega Blastoise, Aqua Tail for Arcanine, and then Ice Fang for others
  3. This guide will help you pass the E4 easily, it just recommend for all newbie. Good luck! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommend (can use Kanto Pokemon) Gyarados LV90+ Adamant/Jolly Item: Leftover EV train: 252atk|252spd|6hp Move set: Ice Fang, Dragon Dance, Bounce, Aqua Tail (Bounce teach by move tutor at Lake of Rage by 4000$) Gengar LV 90+ Timid/Modest Item: Black Sludge EV train: 252spatk|252spd|6hp Move set: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Psychic (Thunderbolt teach by tm buy at Vermillion City Gym by 3000$) (Psychic teach by tm buy at Saffron City Gym by 3000$) And also don't forget take some backup items Revive x7 (can replace by Revival Herb x 5 with cost more but revive 100% hp), Hyper potion x15 (can replace by Energy roots x15 at Goldenrod Basement with cheaper price), Leppa Berry x10 The more level of your pokemon team, the less buying for backup items Backup team (using for avoiding some unexpected event/tank role with saving slot for revive other pokemon - only using if your core team so poor or you worry about losing) Clefable LV 90+ Bold/Calm/Modest Item: Leftover EV train: 252hp|172def|84spd Move set: Moonblast, Soft-Boiled/Moonlight, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam (Thunder Wave teach by tm buy at Celadon Mart by 2000$) (Soft-Boiled teach by tm buy at Goldenrod Mart by 3000$) (Ice Beam teach by tm buy at Mahogany City Gym by 4000$) E4 Team • Will • Gengar lead with using Shadow Ball for Brozong and Gardevoir, and Dark Pulse for others. Sometimes, Mega Alakazam can outspeed your pokemon, so just give up Gengar for dying and then using Gyarados with Bounce or Clefable with Thunder Wave and then Moonblast for kill • Koga • Gyarados lead with using using Dragon Dance 5-6 times at the beginninng, and then using Bounce for Toxicroak and Mega Beedrill, and using Ice Fang for others. Alternatively, Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for Skuntank and Mega Beedrill, and Psychic for others • Bruno • Gyarados lead with using using Dragon Dance 5-6 times at the beginninng, and then using Ice Fang/Aqua Tail for Mega Lucario, and using Bounce for others. Alternatively, Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for Mega Lucario and Psychic for all team • Karen • Gengar lead with using using Thunderbolt for Weavile and Absol. After that, switch to Gyarados with using 5-6 times at the beginning of Spiritomb, and then using Aqua Tail for Mega Houndoom and Ice Fang for others • Lance • Gyarados lead with using 5-6 times at the beginning, and then using Aqua Tail for Charizard, Bounce/whatever moves for Gyarados, and then Ice Fang for others. Alternatively, Gengar lead with using Thunderbolt for Charizard and Gyarados, and Shadow Ball for others. Backup: except Charizard and Gyarados, you can use Ice Beam of Clefable for beat all team dragon Contributors: Windypuff (Creator); Letrix, Shaui
  4. 1. Requirements 1.1. Minimum OS: Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) RAM memory: 1 Gb GPU memory: 128 Mb 1.2. Recommended OS: Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) RAM memory: 4 Gb + GPU memory: 1 Gb + 2. Allowing unknown sources Click on the Apple menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General tab. Under Allow applications downloaded from select Anywhere. 3. Download latest version Click on the Finder icon for Mac download here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4563 There is no mistery in this tutorial but with recent versions it's needed to make step 2. Hope it helps! :Shy: PD: It seems that right now, official link is dead, feel free to ask for mirrors!
  5. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unless you get insanely lucky and come across something extremely rare in the market, there is no quick fix to earning money. It is important to remember that in any MMO—generally the best things come with time and hard work. This guide focuses on the long-term and combining various strategies, although there are some tips that are quick for small-scale gain. If you are looking for an instant fix, this guide is not for you. _____________________________________________________ Frisk. Frisk is an ability that displays the held item of your opponent when the Pokemon with the ability enters the battle. This is one of the first things you can obtain in the game that will help you immensely throughout the game although this is more of a long-term option. Frisk is the H.A (Hidden Ability) of Sentret and Furret which can be found on Route 1 during Morning/Day. In conjunction with either Covet or Thief this can be incredibly handy for farming held items. Covet and Thief. Covet and Thief are moves that steal the opponent's held item. As mentioned above, these are to be used in conjunction with Frisk for maximum output-minimal effort. However, until reaching Celadon to do the Thief Quest, Frisk is virtually useless since you cannot Trade to ask someone to put Covet or Thief on your Pokemon and the combo is otherwise unavailable to you at this point. As an alternative, in addition to capturing a Frisk Sentret (or Furret), I would suggest catching a Mankey; these can be found on Route 22 - just west of Viridian City since Mankey at this early stage of the game will already know Covet. Synchronize. Another ability based money-maker, Synchronize (commonly called sync) gives a 50% chance that the caught Pokemon will be the same nature as the Pokemon with the Synchronize ability - be aware this only works if the Sync Pokemon is in the first slot of your party, it also WILL NOT work if the Sync Pokemon has fainted. Early on in particular, I suggest taking the opportunity to learn Headbutt in Viridian Maze so that when you arrive at Pewter City, you can headbutt the trees there with a chance of finding Natu, you will notice Natu/Xatu are very commonly used Syncs because of their ease to get ahold of. Syncs generally sell for around 10k per, this is quite cheap but when 75k for a bike seems daunting, this could be a great thing to stock up on ready for when you complete the Fourth Gym. I personally recommend finding (or buying, if you feel like it) your own collection, and keeping one of each Sync (minus any neutral natures such as Hardy, Serious, Bashful and Quirky - trash these, they will do you no good) and using your personal collection to either farm more syncs or to farm rare Pokemon - depending on the Pokemon caught this could make thousands to millions in single sales. ________________ Held Items. So, here is where I explain why Covet and Thief are super useful early in the game - and it might not be what you expect. Paras is incredibly common in Mt Moon and holds the Tiny Mushroom item. This can be sold to the Item Maniac for $1500 - you would need to find 50 to outright pay off the bike. It may be a slow process, but not half as slow as farming Pokemon battles - this is definitely a "every little helps" suggestion. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, with some effort, luck and strategy, you could make a huge amount off Held Items - especially when Trading becomes available to you after the Fourth Gym. Items such as the Protector (held by Rhyhorn), Magmizer (held by Magmar) and the Electrizer (held by Elekid and Electabuzz) can make you some impressive money in single sales. Hidden Items. Hidden items are found throughout the game and can vary from "You found Nothing... That's right. You found Nothing" to Rare Candies, Evolution Items and other useful items. You can use a Hidden Item Location Guide or simply try to find these yourself. Items such as Rare Candies will easily make you upwards of 15k per. _____________________________________________________________ Farming. Early in the game this simply isn't an option if time and speed are something you are concerned about. This is only useful if you have an appropriate Sync for a Rare Pokemon in an area (Spawn Guide & Rarity Guide) and understand the mechanics of IVs/Nature/Ability (IV/EV/Team Building Guide) - the latter being particularly important as this allows you to understand what is worth selling and what isn't - and roughly how much you can sell it for. Another form of farming also isn't particularly beneficial until later in the game, but is worth mentioning, is locations such as Victory Road (Prior to Kanto E4), Dragons Den and Cerulean Cave - these contain high level Pokemon who give a pretty decent amount of money per battle, this is definitely one to keep in mind for later on and are good locations to also level Pokemon to 100. Dig spots. Dig spots reset every 3 days, Trainers every 7 and Bosses every 11-15 days. All of these are very effective methods of making some extra money on the side - however are also a later feature in the game. Dig sites can contain Pokemon, useful items and in some cases Fossils or items that are sellable to the Item Maniac (Dig Spot Guide - this guide is currently outdated but a very good place to start, I will update this link when it is either updated and/or I find a full up-to-date Guide). Trainers. I have noticed that if I leave all my Trainers to do in one day, I can make on average 100k per region - this also includes trainer battles inside gyms (does NOT include Gym Leader, these cannot be battled again once beaten). This can be time consuming but it is also very satisfying not bumping into any trainers for a week when done this way. Bosses. Boss battles themselves can give anywhere from 4k to over 90k, depending on the boss. It is also the boss rewards that we are interested in here, for example Erika has a chance of Larvesta - which is a very popular Pokemon that can fetch a good price, or save you both time and money if you intend to use it for PvP. There are also "Pokedex Pokemon", such as Audino from Shary&Shaui. You can profit from obtaining one multiple times by using it for Pokedex service. Excavation Sites. Excavation Sites are another great source of income, for players who are more advanced in the storyline. This Guide to Excavation Sites is incredibly useful if you are unsure of how these work, or what you can expect from Excavation. Daily Quests. Celadon and Solaceon dailies may not seem much at first, but the rewards quickly add up over time. >Celadon daily quest < will give you a small money reward every time, in addition to a plethora of items, with a guaranteed shiny Pokemon after you have completed it 50 times. Keep in mind that it is worth doing even if you do not have time to catch a Pokemon with amazing IVs every time; you will still get the money reward and some items. > Solaceon daily quest < may not directly give money, but you get useful items such as Revival Herbs, Ultra Balls and possibly even a Reroll Ticket, which is always in high demand and is worth a decent amount. ________________________ Daycare and PokeDex Services. Some players will lend their Pokemon to fill out someone's Pokedex, this is primarily used for those interested in obtaining legendaries such as Mew and Celebi - which require a full regional dex relating to the one they are a part of. As mentioned before, rarer Pokemon such as Elekid/Porygon2 will sell considerably higher and open the door to cash in on a single Pokemon multiple times. I do advise caution when running a Pokedex service, please ALWAYS screenshot your Trades - this is something you should do regardless of running a service or not, but the rarer the Pokemon, the higher the chance of a scam - when running a dex service also screenshot your chat log showing the agreement that the Pokemon is to be returned after the Trade. If this ever happens to you, please report in the Report Center subforum. In regards to Daycare, some players will level your Pokemon for you for a fee - this is something that could be done yourself if this is something you're interested in donating your time to. Again, ensure that screenshots of all Trades and agreements are made as a form of insurance if things are to go awry. Opening Your Shop. Forums are your friend. They remain a good way to sell Pokemon, since unlike Trade channel, your post is fixed. This allows for a lot more control over your sale, and gives buyers time to think carefully about their purchase and results in a fair price that reflects the Pokemon more accurately. Pokemon used in Ranked PvP or Collector Pokemon (e.g. Event/Shiny Pokemon) generally receive good prices. The best way to make money from your finds are to EV Train and level the Pokemon to 100, this also adds value to Pokemon that are not so good - but are suitable for story. Some Non-Rare Pokemon that will generate a relatively quick sale, for beginners. ________________________________________ We've covered making money, now here's a few tips on how to keep ahold of it. Pokeballs. There is a Team Rocket NPC in Celadon and Goldenrod Marts, selling 50 Pokeballs for $9,000. This is a $1,000 saving per 50 Pokeballs, which adds up over time. Escape Ropes. Ned outside Mt Moon that sells five Escape Ropes for $2,000. This is a $750 saving per 5 Ropes. Berries. Shelbie in the Route 104 House sells five Berries daily for $100. The type of berry rotates weekly. Supplements. Energy Guru in Slateport City sells 10 of a chosen Supplement (such as HP Up, Calcium, Iron etc) for $40,000 once every two weeks. This is half price when compared to 10 bought normally. NPC Quests. Speak to NPCs everywhere you go, they will give you quests that may result in a few extra useful items: NPC Pokemon. NPCs in various locations will ask you to swap Pokemon with them, some of these can be particularly rare such as Mr. Mime or Goodra. Farming & Selling Your Own Pokemon. This may seem an obvious one, but simply limiting the Pokemon you buy unless they give multiple returns (such as investing in Pokemon to be used for a Pokedex Service) can save you a lot of money, and when specifically farming and selling your own, this is virtually 100% profit.
  6. System Requirements. Operating Systems: Windows Vista+, Mac OS X 10.7+, Ubuntu 10.10+. Graphics Card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work. CPU Speed: 2Ghz+ Processor recommended. Ram: 2GB+ recommended. Download Sources: Homepage Downloads Update Logs Preparing your Download. 1. Clear your device entirely of all clients, previous and current versions. Also empty the Trash to ensure they are no longer accessible at all. 2. Visit System Preferences> Security & Privacy> General. It will look like this: 3. Unlock your Settings by clicking the padlock, this will prompt a password if you use one. After doing this, make sure that "Allow Apps Downloaded From: Anywhere" is selected as shown in the image above. An alternative: Select "Mac App Store and identified developers" instead of "Anywhere". When you reach step 7 you will need to revisit your Security & Privacy Settings and click a button that says "Open Anyway" - however, I have found this a little unpredictable across multiple tests and can test your patience a little. I definitely prefer "Anywhere" for this particular client, but this is definitely a viable option if you'd like to try it. 4. Now download the client from one of the above sources. 5. Once the client has download it should expand (unzip) itself, if not, you will need to do this manually. You can generally do this by double-clicking or Ctrl+clicking the file. You can also do this by unzipping via Archive Utility as you can see here: 6. Now you may need to move the client to Applications. As seen here, I find mine quite easily by searching "PROMAC" (Update: Client is now called PRO_OSX), and simply selecting and dragging the client to the Applications folder on the left hand side. At this point I also drag the client to my dock to lock it there for future use, just makes things easier - completely optional step though. 7. Now you can try open your client. The icon should jump up and down for a moment, then prompt you with the following message: 8. Click Open when prompted with the message above. Your client should now open and run as normal. If you do the above steps and still cannot connect, try the solution offered in the following thread: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/28245-url/
  7. This guide will cover the benefits of the membership perks, as it wasn't written on the forum before. MS Benefits + How to get them How to activate the membership? You need to click on it for manual activation. The benefit is not stacked when you activate more MS medallions (for example you won't get 100% EXP from activating two medallions at the same time) MS exclusive locations Leev Town (After you beat the E4 of Hoenn, you can go there from the docks at Lilicove City, Olivine City or VermilionCity) Safari Exclusive (The most amount of MS pokemon are located there) Sevii Island (Go from Vermilion City dock by talking with the NPC) Amazon Forest (Go from Olivine City docks) Pokemon Tower Underground (Underground of the Pokemon Tower at Lavender Town, Guide Direction here ) More information Membership has only one level and no premium. The green name players mean membership users. Furthermore, you can also have extra spawns in the Excavation Sites. You have also access to the EV train area in Kanto Safari Area, which costs 10k each 20 minutes, with empowered spawns made of pokemons specified to train each Stat you want to train. Useful items in the shop With this item you don't need to have a pokemon with the cut move to get past trees (Requirement: need have HM Cut). Permanent use. It's a substitute item that you can use instead of a pokemon with rock smash. It needed on the sparkling breakables in the excavation sites in Hoenn, but can't be used on Love Island. Permanent use. Recreate your character apparel such as Hair, Skin, Gender, etc (default customize only). One use. Stack to membership bonus. One use. Increases the chance of finding a pokemon with hidden ability from 5% to 25% for 3 days. One use.
  8. There are many services that you can use to upload your photos, and some may relate to your country only. Be aware that if photos are deleted from their host website they will no longer work in a post, as the image will no longer exist. Some hosts also periodically clear images that receive very few views - so some of your images may be lost over time. These are the homepages of the three most-used services: Imgur ○ Lightshot ○ Gyazo You can find How To's for each of these at the bottom of this post. ○ Uploading to forums. 1 At this point you will have the direct link to the image you want to upload. If you do not know how to find the direct link for an image, scroll down to find the service you are using to find a guide on how to get the direct link. 2 The next step is to integrate it into your post. You can go ahead and copy paste your direct link straight into your post, highlight it, then press the Image button OR press the Image button first, then copy paste your direct link between the brackets (If you know the code, you can also go ahead and type this in manually). The image button is highlighted in red: 3 Simply submit your post, and your image will have been added. A correctly linked image will look like this whilst in the post creation area: An incorrectly linked image will appear like this: If you find this happening, you have given the URL of the image domain - not the Direct Link. ○ How to use Imgur. Imgur is the only one of these services in the guide that doesn't require a download, there are a few more steps and you will need to do them every time you want to upload an image. You will also need an image or a screenshot you have already captured. 1 Visit the Imgur Homepage. At the top of the page you will find an option to upload images: 2 When you click the Upload Images button you will be presented with an upload screen. You can either drag and drop from the file location, or find it manually via browsing your computer. Here you can see I've already begun the process of uploading one image, you can tick the box under "Edit" if you'd like to enter the edit screen before uploading. I'm happy with my image so I won't be editing it. Click "Start Upload" to begin uploading. 3 Now you've uploaded your image you will come to the image page. to progress you need the url of the image (not of the image page). To find the url of the image, drag and drop the image into the browser search bar, or find it to the right of your image - this is highlighted in red. ○ How to use Lightshot. There is already a useful guide on how to use Lightshot so I won't show that in this post. It can be found here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/10699-url/ ○ How to use Gyazo. Gyazo is my personal favourite, since once it's downloaded, I can also use it to capture screenshots and resize them. There is also a handy draw feature which is nice for highlighting certain points. 1 After you've downloaded Gyazo, it's useful to put it in a place with easy access - such as locking it to your dock/taskbar. Simply click the Gyazo Icon and it will allow you to screenshot an area. Just click and drag to size. 2 A few seconds after taking your screenshot with Gyazo, it will automatically open a link in your browser in a new tab. Here you can select options to Delete, Draw, Share and Copy Link. Select Share as shown in red: Another option here is to simply click and drag the image into the browser search bar. 3 Again, like Imgur, we want the direct link for the image to upload properly. So select that here and get it ready for copy & pasting. Contributor: Daeon (Creator), Shaui
  9. Greetings, I had in mind to create a list for you guys to ease your gameplay. Here's what I got: /player or /playertime ~ Displays the date of your accedence and shows the amount of played hours. /online or /on ~ Shows the current player count on the server. /inspect playername ~ Used to inspect players. Note that other players have to be near you in order to make it work. /pm yourname-=-playername ~ Grants the possibility to message players without having them on your friendlist or seeing them ingame or in chat. /cgjoin channelname ~ Joins/creates a private channel. Note that these channels only last until a server crash or a manual reboot took place. /cgleave channelname ~ Leaves a private channel. /ignore playername ~ Nothing much to add. Ignore mode lasts until a server crash or manual reboot took place. /unignore playername ~ Removes ignore mode. /friend playername ~ Sends a query to add the player to your friendlist. You'll receive a notification as soon as an user is online if you added them on your list. Staff cannot add non-staff players to their friendlist and vice versa. /trade playername ~ Sends an invitation to trade to the player. Note that both participating players have to be in the same Pokemon Center. /battle playername ~ Sends a battle request to the player (Unranked PvP!) Note that both players must be anywhere but a Pokemon Center. /pvp ~ Displays your stats in the chat: Total Wins, Losses and Disconnects (Unranked PvP) /happy 1-6 ~ Checks the happiness of your Pokemon. Type 1-6, dependent on the slot of your Pokemon in your party. Also, it can be used to check Pokemon's ID. /pokedex or /dex ~ Displays the amount of caught/seen Pokemon in the chat and shows the evolution count. Guild commands: Commands only available to Guild Leaders: /gcreate ~ Creates a guild. Note that you need 400K Pokedollar and at least 100 hours ingame to do so. /gdisband ~ The guild will be disbanded if you type that command in the chat bar. Be aware that it can't be undone once it was typed. /gmotd ~ Allows you to set/change the message of the day shown at your guild menu. /ginvite playername ~ Sends an invitation to the user to join your guild. Commands available to Guild Members: /gjoin ~ Type that in the chat once you've received an invitation to join a guild. Note that you can be only member of one guild at a time. /gleave ~ Type that command to leave the guild. Credits to Qhinn (Creator), nightjay, JollyolNathan, LeoChaos, Carlito2 for participating.
  10. ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ Hey everyone! This guide is to help players unlock the Subway System, as it is PRO's alternative to quick travelling due to the fact that players are not allowed to use Fly outside of battle. The subway system works for Kanto and Johto only; if you wish to unlock fast travelling for Hoenn and Sinnoh, do the Hoenn Teleport Quest. There aren't any requirements to start the quest, however, you'll need to be Kanto Champion in order to use the subway and train. Keep in mind that to fully complete the quest, you'll need $50,000 Pokedollars, a Nocturnal Feather, and a Bicycle to access Route 16. ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ To start the quest, talk to the Subway Manager in Saffron City at the Saffron Railway Station. He'll tell you that the system is not working at the moment because their biggest sponsor, Yorkie, has issues with his farm and needs help on Route 16. Upon learning that Yorkie needs help, head to Route 16 and talk to him. He'll ask you to find his brother to retrieve the parcel. Although Yorkie has no idea where his brother is, he lets you know that he can only be in Kanto. There are five spots that Yorkie's brother can be at, and every player has a chance of Yorkie's brother being in one of these locations, so be sure to check them all! After finding Yorkie's brother, he'll ask you for $50,000 Pokedollars in return for the parcel. After that, head back to Route 16 to talk to Yorkie and give him the parcel back. He'll want to reward you but first, he'll ask you to retrieve a Nocturnal Feather to prove how much you love Pidgeys! To obtain a Nocturnal Feather, you can either buy it from other players in Trade Chat, or you can hunt it yourself by using a Pokemon that knows Covet or Thief and using one of those moves on Pidgeotto in Route 16 during the morning or night. More information about hunting them can be found in the Hunting Nocturnal Feather part of this guide. After retrieving a Nocturnal Feather, talk to Yorkie again and give it to him! As a reward, you'll receive HM Fly, and the subway system will start working again. After talking to the Subway Manager in Saffron Railway Station again, all the guards blocking access to the subway will leave, but keep in mind that you will need to be Kanto Champion in order to use them. Well, that's it! Great job on completing the quest. You can now use the subway system! It'll be $2,500 for traveling within the same region, and $5,000 for traveling between Kanto and Johto. ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯ The Nocturnal Feather is only dropped by Pidgeotto that inhabit Route 16. As of June 23rd, 2018, the drop rate for the Nocturnal Feather has been buffed to 25%. The following techniques can be used to facilitate the hunt for it. Contribution Leotosi, the original owner and creator of this thread. Shary and Nebulas, for the Nocturnal Feather image.
  11. Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the Christmas Event so far. As many people have been having trouble navigating the maps so far, I have decided to post an overview of the main maps and where everything leads in hopes of helping everyone out. [spoiler=Evergreen Island Shore] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Village] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Crystal Cave] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Valley] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Valley Path] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Frozen Cave] [spoiler=Evergreen Island Frozen Path] Kind regards Aspheric
  12. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Greetings trainers! In this guide I will show you how to get one of the exclusive items of PRO. The Ash Hat! With nothing more to say, let's start the guide! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This quest has a little requirement that should've been done beforehand, to be more exact when you start the game. Fulfilling this requirement is only possible at the start of the game. The requirement is: - Have chosen Pikachu as your starter. That would be the only requirement for this guide. If you dont know how to get pikachu as starter, here is a short explanation: When Professor Oak gives you the opportunity to choose a pokemon, you can see 3 pokeballs on the table and 1 behind him on the ground. If you just interact with the pokeball on the ground you can't pick it up. To pick it you have to talk to the 3 other pokeballs on the table and don't pick any of those Pokemons as your starter. After that you are able to pick the pokeball with the thunderbolt on it. This is Pikachu. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The procediment to obtain this hat will start in Viridian forest. In Viridian Forest you have to find Ash and battle him: His team is: Pikachu Lvl 11, Pidgeotto Lvl 9 and Butterfree Lvl 10 After you battled him he will dissapear from Viridan Forest. You only need to fight him, if you lose is not a problem. In Route 9 you will meet Ash and his pikachu again, this time he will give you a quest to do. This quest consist of finding the Mankey who stole his cap. To find this specific Mankey we will have to encounter Mankey's and find out which one is holding his cap. The ability Frisk can be a big help as it shows which item the Mankey is currently holding. With Covet and Thief we can steal the item Mankey is holding. Remember; the move Covet or Thief would only work if the pokemon you're using for the move, doesnt have any item equiped To get the move Covet you can do it catching a mankey in the same route. The move Thief is obtainable via one of the quest's of Officer Jenny, if you dont know how to complete them check our guide or click HERE. Regarding the ability Frisk, you can get a Pokémon with the Ability Frist at Route 1. Sentret spawns there at Morning and Day. After you found Ash his cap you need to speak with him. He will notice that he had another cap in his bag. He tells you that you can keep 1 Hat. That would be the end of the quest, enjoy your Ash Hat! Have a great day!
  13. Hey there and welcome to the Arcanine Mount Quest Guide! This guide will teach you how to obtain a free Arcanine Mount. Along with this, it will also teach you where you can get the pokemon needed for this quest. Region: Kanto Route: Route 19, South of Fuchsia. Access Point: Surf East of Route 19. Step 1: Go South of Fuchsia Step 2: Surf East of Route 19 Step 3: Go North to the Arcanine Farm The Arcanine Farmer will ask you to show him a Chansey, Pinsir, and Kangaskhan. Do note that these Pokemon must have your OT. Therefore, they must be caught by you in order for you to turn them in. The Arcanine Farmer will give you an Arcanine Mount in exchange for showing him these Pokemon. The easiest way to find pokemon that spawn in an area is by using the Reborn Bot. You may access the Reborn Bot in the PRO Official Discord or you may invite it to your own server. Nevertheless, here are the locations wherein you can catch the Pokemon required for this quest. Do note that since these pokemon are of high tier, you may not find them immediately. Chansey and Pinsir have a repel spawn. For hunting techniques, feel free to check out our Hunting Guide. Tier: Rare Recommended Areas: Route 13, Route 14, Safari Exclusive (Repel) Do note that the Safari Exclusive requires Membership and you will only have 20 minutes to hunt. Chansey #Map Area Daytime Rarity MS Level Item Breezy Cave Land M/D/N Rare No 17-21 - Cerulean Cave 2F Land M/D/N Rare No 55-62 - Leev Town Port Land M/D/N Rare No 20-24 - Route 13 Land M/D/N Rare No 22-26 - Route 14 Land M/D/N Rare No 27-30 - Route 209 Land M/D/N Rare No 17-21 - Safari Area 2 Land M/D/N Rare No 12-14 - Safari Area 3 Land M/D Rare No 20-22 - Safari Entrance Land M/D/N Rare No 21-26 - Safari Exclusive Land M/D/N Rare Yes 26-31 - Tier: Rare Recommended Areas: Breakers Beach (Repel), Safari Area 1 Safari Area 1 will not require membership. However, you will only have 20 minutes to hunt. Pinsir #Map Area Daytime Rarity MS Level Item Breakers Beach Land M Rare No 40-44 - Bug Catching Area Land M/D/N Rare No 15-19 - Hoenn Safari Zone Area 4 Land M/D Rare No 10-27 - Isolated Forest Land D Rare No 55-60 - Route 229 Land M/D/N Rare No 47-51 - Safari Area 1 Land M/D/N Rare No 29-32 - Safari Exclusive Land M/D/N Rare Yes 21-25 - Azalea Town Headbutt M/D/N No 5-10 - Cherrygrove City Headbutt M/D/N Rare No 5-10 - Route 1 Headbutt M/D/N Uncommon No 2-6 - Route 11 Headbutt M/D/N Rare No 10-20 - Route 117 Headbutt M/D/N Uncommon No 13-16 - Route 14 Headbutt M/D/N Rare No 25-30 - Safari Zone Exclusive Headbutt M/D/N Rare No 21-25 - Amazon Forest Bugsy (Reward) M/D/N - No 15 - Tier: Rare Recommended Areas: Rock Tunnel 1 Do note that Rock Tunnel 1 requires you to have Membership. Safari Area 1 will not require membership. However, you will only have 20 minutes to hunt. Kangaskhan #Map Area Daytime Rarity MS Level Item Breezy Cave Land M/D/N Rare No 17-21 - Breezy Path Land M/D/N Rare No 17-21 - Rock Tunnel 1 Land M/D Rare Yes 20-24 - Safari Area 1 Land M/D/N Rare No 23-28 - Vulcan Cavern Cave Land M/D/N Rare No 35-39 - Cinnabar Lab Room 2 Oak (Reward) M/D/N - No 15 -
  14. . . I hope that this guide helped you with your questions about the Bug Catching Contest. Good luck in the contest! Contribution Nebulas, original owner of the former version of the guide: Bug Catching Contest Guide
  15. Hi there and welcome to the Valley of Steel Guide! This Guide will help you accomplish the quests in the Valley of Steel. It will also provide you with the locations of the different items in the valley. Requirements: Hoenn Champion Fee: 5,000 Pokedollars per entry Region: Hoenn City: Lavaridge Town Access Point: Guard South of Lavaridge Town [spoiler=Valley of Steel ] Step 1: Talk to the Torkoal upon entering the Valley of Steel. [spoiler=Step 1] Step 2: Talk to the Torkoal upon entering Valley of Steel Western Peak. [spoiler=Step 2] Step 3: Battle the pokemon South of the Town at the Western Peak, across the bridge. The Torkoal will ask to join you after you interact with it. [spoiler=Step 3] Step 4: Go to Steven in Valley of Steel Eastern Peak, House 3. It's the house furthest back. [spoiler=Step 4] Step 5: Go back to the area where you found the Torkoal and battle the Steelix. [spoiler=Step 5] Step 6: Go back to Steven, and he'll go to the Valley of Steel Underground. [spoiler=Step 6] Step 7: Talk to the Hiker in the cave and you now have access to the underground and Boss Steven. [spoiler=Step 7] Boss Requirements: ✦ 1 Steel-Type Pokemon ✦ A Pokemon with Iron Defense ✦ 201 hours playtime Boss Team: Armaldo (X-Scissor, Rock Blast, Crush Claw, Slash) Bisharp (Night Slash, Iron Head, Guillotine, Swords Dance) Mawile (Iron Head, Spit Up, Swallow, Stockpile) Aggron (Automize, Double Edge, Metal Burst, Heavy Slam) Klinklang (Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon, Metal Sound, Lock-On) Mega Metagross (Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch) Step 1: Talk to Tim in the Valley of Steel. [spoiler=Step 1] Step 2: Talk to Groon in Route 103. He'll tell you to go to Sootopolis. [spoiler=Step 2] Step 3: Talk to Trinita in Sootopolis City. She will require an Oddish with 146+ IVs. [spoiler=Step 3] Step 4: Turn in the Oddish with 146+ IVs. [spoiler=Step 4] Step 5: Go back to Tim and you'll get a chance to catch a Pawniard! [spoiler=Step 5] Description: Neptuno will give you a quest each day. This can be either be a Battle Quest or an Item Quest. Take note that if you leave the valley, you can no longer complete the quest. Location: Valley of Steel Eastern Peak, House 3 Cooldown: 1 Day Rewards: You will be rewarded with a certain amount of steel coins after completing each quest. You can turn in and check your steel coin balance with Dorothy. ✦ 5 Heal Powder: 20 Steel Coins ✦ 9 Ultra Balls: 12 Steel Coins ✦ 45 Pokeballs: 12 Steel Coins ✦ 3 Revives: 25 Steel Coins ✦ 1 Electirizer: 110 Steel Coins Battle Quests: ✦ Tufo at Western Peak ✦ Tefe at Eastern Peak ✦ Tofu at Western Peak ✦ Tifa at Cave of Steel 1F ✦ Tafi at Cave of Steel 2F Item Quests: You will have to find a certain number of each an item. Below are the locations for each. [spoiler=Tree Sap Locations]✦ Tree by the entrance of Valley of Steel ✦ Tree next to the Flash Cannon Tutor, Center of Valley of Steel ✦ Tree towards the side; across the bridge, South of Western Peak ✦ Tree next to a Eastern House 2, Valley of Steel Eastern Peak [spoiler=Steel Strand Locations]✦ Rock under the bridge, North of Valley of Steel ✦ Rock next to Joe and Mathilda, East of Valley of Steel [spoiler=Dry Branch Locations]✦ Dead bush next to Underground Cave, North of Valley of Steel ✦ Dead bush near Lilly, South of Valley of Steel ✦ Dead bush near Lilly, South of Valley of Steel Trade: Bisharp for Klefki Location: Valley of Steel Eastern Peak Location: Valley of Steel Cost: 12, 000 Pokedollars CAVE OF STEEL 1F (Towards Eastern Peak) CAVE OF STEEL 2F (On your way down to Valley of Steel) VALLEY OF STEEL WESTERN PEAK VALLEY OF STEEL EASTERN PEAK VALLEY OF STEEL
  16. Hello everyone and welcome to the Fishing Guide ! This guide will introduce you to the fishing mechanics and its system. Fishing is a special mechanic that allows the player to encounter Pokémon that live in water. When a Pokémon can be obtained through fishing, a Fishing Rod icon appears in the spawn list of each map. ] Keep in mind that fishable Pokémon are tagged with "Fish." There are 3 different types of Rods: Old Rod, Good Rod and Super Rod. To fish, choose your the rod from your backpack, or move it in the hotkey toolbar and select from there, while standing near water and wait 4 seconds. To find out where any Pokemon spawn and what rod they require, you can use the commands ^s pokemon or ^s map on our OFFICIAL PRO DISCORD . Using a Rod of an higher tier than the one required to fish the Pokémon will allow the Player to encounter the Pokemon anyway. Old Rod It is obtainable for free by the fishing guru in a Vermilion City house. Good Rod It is purchasable in Fuchsia City House 1 for 15,000 pokedollars. To be able to buy this, you must first have the Old Rod. Super Rod It is purchasable in Olivine City House 1 (from the desk-bound NPC) for 75,000 pokedollars. To be able to buy this, you must first have the Good Rod.
  17. - Be sure to be Hoenn Champion before starting this quest. - Go Route 114 in Hoenn, find Fossil Maniac Charles in his house and talk to him about the permit. - Now you will have to collect six different fragments spread around all Excavation Sites (excluding Wondrous Site, Briny Site and Draconic Site). - You do not have to enter the sites. Use a Pokemon with Rock Smash and destroy all breakable rocks around the Excavation Sites. Please note that this step is not needed for every player. - Once you have all six fragments collected, come back to Route 114 and talk with Fossil Maniac Charles. He will ask you to pay 100.000 Pokedollar in order to buy the permit. - You are now owner of the Archaeologist Permit and can start visiting the different sites. Feral Site - Fiery Path - East of Lavaridge Town Historical Site - Northern Route 111 Desert - East of Lavaridge Town Haunted Site - Rusturf Tunnel - Near Verdanturf Town Mineral Site - Route 115 - North of Rustboro City Glacial Site - Route 103 - North of Oldale Town Natural Site - Route 119A - South of Fortree City Wondrous Site - Route 114 - West of Fallarbor Town - 3000+ discoveries as requirement Briny Site - Route 124 - West of Mossdeep Town - 6000+ discoveries as requirement Draconic Site - Route 113 - East of Fallabor - 10000+ discoveries as requirement There are different tiers of expertise in archaeology. The tier depends on the discoveries you have made. You get one "Discovery Point" by smashing the rocks inside each site. With every tier you get access to more Pokemon and items. You can check your tier on your Trainer Card. The rocks inside of every Excavation Site respawn every 20h after being broken. You have also a low chance of getting nothing when breaking a rock. - Excavation Ranks: Explorer (1-500 discoveries) Scrounger (501-999 discoveries) Plunderer (1000-1999 discoveries) Relic Hunter (2000-3999 discoveries) Archaeologist (4000-5900 discoveries) Paleontologist (6000-7999 discoveries) Tomb Raider (8000+ discoveries) If you encounter a spawn you're not experienced enough to get, the Pokemon will flee or the item gets destroyed. How many Discoveries you need for each Pokémon rarity is mentioned below. You will however gain one or more "Bonus Discovery Point" each time you'll encounter a Pokemon who fled or if the item gets destroyed. The rock will tell you how many extra points you gained. - Used Rarity Tiers in the guide: Common 0+ Discoveries Uncommon 1000+ Discoveries Rare 2000+ Discoveries Super Rare 4000+ Discoveries Excavation Sites are shiny locked, which means that you are not able to encounter Shiny or Themed Pokemon in the sites. With the exception of Shiny Rocks, which may contain shiny Pokémon. As for all scripted spawns for wild Pokemon, an active BMS won't influence the chance of a hidden ability in the excavation sites. In every site you are able to find "Artifact Pieces", which can be traded in the Historical Site for items and fossils by talking to Artifact Maniac Hastor. Fossils: Vitamins (10 per 70 Artifact Pieces): Consumables: Battle Items: TM Moves: Gems: Evolution Items: Damage-reducing Berries: Mega Stones: All Sites Feral Site Historical Site Haunted Site Mineral Site Glacial Site Natural Site Wondrous Site Briny Site Draconic Site Contribution SyaoranLi, thank you for giving me a lot of useful information to complete this guide. Neroli, original owner of the former version of the guide: Hoenn Excavation Sites Guide
  18. Hello PRO Trainers! We, the staff team, have decided to create this breakdown to go in depth on the EV Zones that have been created by Prehax the Spawn Editor This breakdown will describe the what an EV is, The areas created specifically for EV training, The Pokemon you will find in said locations, and a few Tips that will help you in EV training. We hope this helps everyone in need of it! EV Zones are areas in every region that have specifically built spawns to enhance the proficiency of EV training that would other wise be unavailable in any other areas in the game. a Before we move onto how to EV train we must first cover what an EV is, so that you have a complete understanding of the goal you are trying to achieve on your Pokemon. The EV Zones have a specific area in every region which are special. During a different time of the day you may obtain a specific EV whether it's roaming through the grass or surfing and fishing on the near by waters. Down below I will go in-depth for every Regions specific EV Zone. I have also, added an image guide that also has the times and location and how to encounter Pokemon need for every specific EV With that said, this concludes the in-depth breakdown. If there are any questions or concerns about the guide please let me know in the comments and I will answer as soon as possible. Happy Training! Credits: Prehax, Shinohara, Xylos Work Cited: https://Pokemon.fandom.com & https://www.ign.com
  19. ✖︎ This guide will help you to find a preview of all: ▪︎ Mounts (Land - Surf, sorted via shop: Coin / PvP / PvE) ▪︎ Clothes & Headgear (Sorted via shop: Coin / PvP / PvE) ▪︎ Miscellaneous items and boxes, alongside what they might contain ...findable in-game to customize your character. ✖︎ If you look for a specific item, feel free to ask in the in-game Trade channel or by creating a topic in our Trade Zone sub-forum. ✖︎ All the cosmetic items are listed in this guide. Periodically, new items will be added in the guide, given that they are added in game. ✖︎ You may find Ctrl+F or Ctrl+F useful, if you're seeking a specific item. ✖︎ Due to the consequent amount of items, the page might take time to load. Contributors : 9oomy, Gouseru, Calahan, Neroli, Shinohara [spoiler=Spring Event Mounts 2019] Togekiss Caramel Togekiss Chocolate Togekiss Cotton Candy Togekiss Mint Togekiss Strawberry Togekiss Vanilla [spoiler=Christmas Event Mounts 2018] Xmas Mareep
  20. Hi there and welcome to the Item Recycler Guide! This Guide will teach you about the different items you can turn in to the Item Recycler. It also elaborates on the possible outcomes of your item inputs. Function: Turns your held items, evolutionary stones, and evolutionary items into another item. This is based on the number of items you turn in to the Item Recycler. Requirements: Johto Champion Cooldown: None Region: Johto Access Point: Mt. Mortar Directions: Step 1: Take the middle entrance at Route 42 and take the ladder down. Step 2: Make your way to the northern ladder in Mt. Mortar B1F as shown. Step 3: Make your way up to the ladder at the upper left corner of Mt. Mortar Lower Cave as shown. Step 4: Head to the northern exit in Mt. Mortar Upper Cave. Step 5: Leave Mt. Mortar Northern Entrance at the top right exit. Step 6: Make your way towards the center of Forest Pit. Step 7: Head to the exit inside Lake Cave. ❇ Water Stone ❇ Fire Stone ❇ Thunder Stone ❇ Leaf Stone ❇ Moon Stone ❇ Sun Stone ❇ Shiny Stone ❇ Dusk Stone ❇ Dawn Stone ❇ Metal Coat ❇ Reaper Cloth ❇ Prism Scale ❇ Deep Sea Scale ❇ Deep Sea Tooth ❇ King's Rock ❇ Dragon Scale ❇ Razor Claw ❇ Razor Fang ❇ Black Belt ❇ Black Glasses ❇ Charcoal ❇ Dragon Fang ❇ Hard Stone ❇ Magnet ❇ Miracle Seed ❇ Mystic Water ❇ Never-Melt Ice ❇ Poison Barb ❇ Sharp Beak ❇ Silk Scarf ❇ Silver Powder ❇ Soft Sand ❇ Spell Tag ❇ Twisted Spoon ❇ Leftovers All the can be recycled. You can find a list of Gems here! If you give 1 item: ❇ Revive ❇ Ultra Ball ❇ Full Heal ❇ Ether If you give 10 items, you can get items from different tiers below at random. 1 is the most common tier while 4 is the most rare. *If you give evolution stones, you'll have a smaller chance of getting rarer items. Amount: 5-10 Items: ❇ Revive ❇ Ultra Ball ❇ Full Heal ❇ Ether Amount: 2 Items: ❇ Tiny Mushroom ❇ Honey Amount: 1 Items: ❇ Pearl ❇ Nugget Amount: 1 Items: ❇ Choice Band ❇ Choice Scarf ❇ Choice Specs ❇ Masterball
  21. Hi there and welcome to the PRO General Information Guide. This guide is designed to teach you the basics of PRO. This guide will also inform you on the differences from the original games. You black out once all your pokemon are fainted. When you black out, you are sent to your last visited Pokecenter. You will also lose 5% of your current money each time you black out with a maximum of 50.000 Poké Dollar. As stated in the Suggestions Sticky, breeding was removed to fulfill PRO's goal of becoming an MMO. Breeding would make everyone self-sufficient and would therefore ruin the social, economical, and hunting aspects of PRO. For these reasons, breeding will most likely never be added into the games despite the Eggs Tab in your backpacks. The Eggs Tab currently has no function, but it's there for future updates. For Egg moves, you may access them through the Daycare's Egg Move Tutors. For moves only lower evolutions can learn, there is also a Pre-Evo Tutor at the back of every Daycare. For more information on how to unlock the Daycares and its tutors, please refer to the Egg Moves Guide. Most evolutions in PRO are coded according to the Pokemon games. However, there are some changes to evolutions that have been made to certain pokemon. For more information on changes in evolution, please check out the Evolutions Coded Differently thread. The Happiness Bar of a pokemon can be seen in its Pokemon Information Card. To see the exact value of a pokemon's happiness, do /happy <Slot 1-6>. Happiness can be raised in different ways and a Soothe Bell doubles happiness gained. For more information on how to raise happiness, please check out the Happiness Guide. There are a few Legendaries that are obtainable to players as of now. Darkai and Regice are no longer obtainable. However, they have been available to players in the past due to events. More information on how to catch the currently available legendary pokemon can be found in the Legendary Megathread. There are a bunch of legendaries that are obtainable to players with new additions over time. Some legendaries are only available on seasonal repeating events. More information on how to catch the currently available legendary Pokémon can be found in the corresponding Wiki page. In PRO, you can link pokemon in chats by dragging them from your party or PC into the chat. Linked Pokemon in chat can be clicked. This will allow you to see the Pokemon's IVs, Ability, Current Statistics, Nature, Level, Hidden Power and Gender. Ordinary pokemon are linked in Teal. Shiny Pokemon are linked in Purple. Pink Pokemon are linked in Pink. Event pokemon have their corresponding link colors. Your pokemon are locked each time you enter a new region. You regain access to locked pokemon after the 8th gym of the region you are in. This was done to ensure difficulty and fairness in completing regions. To access your pokemon's Information Card, simply click on your pokemon's icon in your party or your PC. It contains the pokemon's ID Number, Region, Level, Gender, Happiness, Ability, Nature, OT, Moves, Current Statistics, IVs, EVs, and Moves. The white statistic is the Pokemon's current overall stat value. Natures work the same as in normal games. They have different effects on your Pokemon's statistics. Therefore, the green statistic is boosted while the orange statistic is lowered. If none are colored, then your nature is neutral and does not affect statistics. For further information regarding Pokémon stats, check out the stat explanation's guide. EVs and IVs work the same as in the normal games. The orange values are the pokemon's IVs while the blue values are the pokemon's EVs. Below is an example of a Pokemon Information Card. Just like the original games, PRO's shiny chance is 1/8192. The chance of Pink Pokemon on Pinkan Island is 1/1500. Event pokemon have their own corresponding spawn rates. For more information on special pokemon rates, feel free to check out the Special Counterparts Thread. In order to trade, use the mailbox, and use the Trade channel, you'll need to have the Rainbow Badge. You cannot accept pokemon from regions you have not been in yet or if you are locked in a region. Please screenshot all your deals and trades for incase you are scammed. If you have experienced this, please upload the screenshots and report said player in the Report Center. Please refer to the Forum Images Guide for how to add photos in a thread. Please be sure to check out the Trade Rules before involving in a Trade. The more fully evolved your pokemon is, the more difficult it is to level up. Switching pokemon in and out will cause the lower leveled pokemon to gain less experience. Not all trainers reward EXP points, depending on the type and function of the NPC. The Exp Share and Lucky Egg do not exist in PRO to add difficulty along with the goal of making PRO an MMO. Levels of certain NPCs/Bosses are not disaplayed. However, they still have a current value set. Pokemon learn certain moves after reaching the required level or by TM's or HM's. Most moves and Abilities are coded and work properly but not all. For more information on moves like these, please check out the the List of Broken Moves and Abilities. You may keep an eye out in our Update Logs for when moves or abilities are coded. Take note that there are also some moves that are banned in Ranked PvP. Please be sure to check out the PvP Rules before engaging in Ranked PvP. NPCs and Wild Pokemon are smarter than in the original pokemon games. This means that they actually know how to use their movesets. They will often select a move that is super effective against your pokemon rather than a random move. PRO has currently three different PvP modes. Ranked, Unranked and Random. Ranked battles have a catch: 1 PvP Coin per win and the Ranked Ladder, but battles are regulated by PvP Rules. PvP Coins can be spent at PvP Masters in Vermilion, Olivine, Mauville, and Canalave. To join a Ranked battle, use the PvP icon, choose Ranked and wait in queue. You will then have 30 seconds to change your team's order, based on what you know thanks to the Team Preview. Unranked battles, on the contrary, are just for fun, nothing is at stake, therefore no rules are to limit them. To join an Unranked battle, you can use the PvP icon and choose Unranked then wait in queue. You can also use /battle <username>, or right click on someone's name and choose Battle to start an unranked battle. The Random battle mode is a mode where you and your opponent get six random Pokémon with random, preselected movesets. The teams of the battle participants are hidden in the beginning of the battle, all Pokemon have a neutral Nature, 31 IV's and a 85 EV invest in all stats. PvP Coins are only rewarded for every win in excess of a loss; for example, a 5-3 record that season would earn two Coins. The top-25-ranked players in a PvP season are rewarded an additional 100 Coins, which effectuates at the season's official conclusion. Regular Trainers have a 7 day cooldown. Trainers won't force battle you anymore though. Bosses have a 12 Day cooldown. Gym Leaders can be re-battled after beating the Elite 4, the Elite 4 itself can not be rebattled once defeated. TMs are single use unlike some newer Pokemon games. Gym Leader TMs are bought from the Gym Guide at the entrance of the gym. To use TM Dig outside of battle, you'll need 150+ Happiness on the pokemon with Dig. TM Rock Smash does not usually have a happiness requirement. However, it needs 220+ Happiness in Love Island for crystals. For more information on TMs and where to get them, please check out the TMs, HMs, and Move Tutor Guide. HMs can be reused infinitely. To use HMs out of battle, simply click left click or use the spacebar. To use HM Dive outside battle, you require 150+ Happiness on the pokemon with Dive. To use HM Flash outside of battle, you have to click on the move in your pokemon's Information Card. HM Fly does not have an out of battle effect. For more information on HMs and where to get them, please check out the TMs, HMs, and Move Tutor Guide. There are several Move Tutors scattered around the regions. Each move tutor has its corresponding price per tutee. To use Headbutt outside battle, you require 150+ Happiness on the pokemon with Headbutt. For more information on Move Tutors and their locations, please check out the TMs, HMs, and Move Tutor Guide. Berries cannot be planted by players in PRO. There are set berries in each berry patch. You will have to wait for berries to respawn every 3 days for outdoor berries and 4 days for EV berry trees in mazes. EV Berries are obtained from Headbutting Trees, the Goldenrod Berry Shop or the Berry Tower. For more information on how to acquire Berries and their functions, please check out the Berries Guide. Running Shoes are not implemented in PRO as you already walk 1.5x the speed in normal games. However, Bikes and Mounts are a way to move faster in PRO. Take note that they provide the same speed. You can obtain a Bike by capturing a Ditto with your OT and turning it in to the Youngster in the house right of Vermilion PC. Afterwards, you'll get a Bike Voucher which you can turn in at the Cerulean Bike shop to get a Bike for 60k. Mounts on the other hand can be obtained from Player-Hosted and Official Events, the Coin Shop, PvP/PvE Masters, or bought from other players. The Old Rod can be found in the house on the left side of the Vermilion Mart. The Good Rod can be found in Fuchsia City House 1 for 15k. You must own the Old Rod. The Super Rod can be found in Olivine City House 1 for 75k. You must own the Good Rod. You cannot trade these as they are a key item. Items can be equipped by a pokemon by dragging the item from your backpack to the pokemon's icon in your party. To take an item, simply click on the item in the pokemon's information card. Items can be obtained in various ways. For more information on Items and where they can be obtained, feel free to check out the Items Guide. Please take note that reroll tickets only work on Legendary Pokemon. You are able to purchase a nature reroll ticket for 75 PvP coins from the PvP Masters in Vermilion City, Olivine City, Mauville City and Canalave City. You may also get a Reroll Ticket for 150 PvP coins there too, which can be used to reroll your legendary’s IVs. In addition, you can talk to the Reroll Ticket Exchanger in Vermilion to get two Nature Reroll Tickets for one Reroll Ticket. Besides purchasing tickets for PvP coins, you may also buy them off of other players in the Trade chat. You may also get them from various quests like the Battle Tower and Solaceon News Reporter quests. After purchasing, you will have to go to Psychic Marina in Vermilion City who will reroll your Nature/IVs for the Nature reroll Ticket or Reroll Ticket respectively. Please take note that it will take the coupons before your coins. She also offers a double reroll mode, where you reroll your Pokemon twice while spending only one reroll. This works up to ten times in a certain time period when you spent some fee or Mysterious Ticket.
  22. Hi there and welcome to the Guilds Guide! This guide is designed to inform you on how to join, create, and manage a guild. This guide will also include the benefits of being in a guild. ❋ 2.5% Experience Bonus for a guild with 50+ members. ❋ 5% Experience Bonus for a guild with 75+ members. ❋ 7.5% Experience Bonus for a guild with 95+ members. ❋ 25% Experience Bonus if the guild is ranked in the Top 10 Guilds Monthly Each guild has their own requirements and recruitment methods. Please check out our Guild Sub-forum for more information on each Guild an their requirements. You will have to receive and invite from a the Guild's Leader or Officer. To accept the invite, you will have to do /gjoin or click accept on the pop up. You must not be in a guild to join a guild. ❋ 400,000 Pokedollars. ❋ 100+ hours of playtime. ❋ All 8 Kanto Badges. ❋ You cannot be in a guild. ❋ Guild Name must be 4-15 characters long. *Guild Name must not contain any numerical or special characters Step 1: Check if you meet the Requirements. You can do so in your Trainer Card. Step 2: Type in /gcreate <Guild Name> and accept the confirmation. Region: Kanto Access Point: Saffron City Guild Master: Teaches you how to create a Guild. Logo Master: Allows you to edit and set your Guild Logo. *You must be the Guild's Leader to set the Guild's Logo. Step 1: Talk to the Logo Master in the Guild House Step 2: Edit your logo. *Take note that the grid is 16x16 Pixels. *For Transparent Pixels, click the gray box in the lower left corner. Step 3: Click Okay once you're finished. You will receive the confirmation below afterwards. Guild Leader Permissions: Invite, Kick, Demote, Promote to Member/Officer Guild Officer Permissions: Invite, Kick Initiates/Members, Demote to Initiate, Promote to Member Guild Member Permissions: No significant permissions Guild Initiate Permissions: No significant permissions Info: Motto of the Day, Guild Leader, Guild Name, Member Count Roster: List of Members and their Positions Manage: To be added! Step 1: Click Social in the lower left corner of your screen Step 2: Click the Guild Tab /gdisband <GuildName> Function: Disbands the guild. Rank Requirement: Guild Leader /gmotd <Text> Function: Sets the Guild's Motto Of The Day (MOTD) Rank Requirement: Guild Leader /ginvite <Username> Function: Invites a player to the guild. Rank Requirement: Guild Officer /gpromote <Username> Function: Promotes a player to a higher position. Rank Requirement: Guild Officer /gdemote <Username> Function: Demotes a player to a lower position. Rank Requirement: Guild Officer /gkick <Username> Function: Kicks a player from the guild. Rank Requirement: Guild Officer /gleave Function: Allows the user to leave his current guild. Rank Requirement: Guild Initiate /gjoin Function: Allows the user to accept a guild invite. Rank Requirement: None The Reborn Bot allows you to gain information on different guilds. You may access the Reborn Bot in the PRO Official Discord or you may invite it to your own server. ^memberlist <GuildName> <Server> Function: Gives you the list of members and thier positions of a guild. ^guildladder <Server> Function: Show the current Guild Ladder. *Guild rating is calculated by combined PvP ratings of members ^guildseasons Function: Shows the guild ladders in previous seasons.
  23. Membership Hi there and welcome to the Membership and Useful Coin Items Guide. This guide is designed to inform you on the benefits of membership and other useful coin items. Membership Information General Benefits ✓ 50% experience-gain bonus. ✓ 100% increase to the money-yield rate. ✓ Membership Exclusive Pokemon and Areas. ✓ Possibility to have Shiny Pokemon in Random PvP Battles. Types of Membership *Membership Duration is in REAL TIME. You can check the duration left for your 'MS' on the Dashboard or by using the "^inscpect username" command in the PRO Discords bot channel. From left to right: Small Membership (60 Coins): 15 Days Membership (100 Coins): 30 Days Big Membership (190 Coins): 60 Days Acquiring Membership Purchasing Coinshop Other Methods of Aquiring Membership ✓ You may purchase Membership from other players in-game. ✓ You may receive membership from Discord, Player-hosted and Official Events. ✓ You may receive membership as a possible random prize from the Game Corner. ✓ You may receive membership as a possible reward from the Battle Bot - Boss. Activating Exclusive Areas Dessert Lagoon Region: Johto Access Point: Olivine City (Dock Island Option) Requirements: Active Membership, Johto Champion *The House the Battle Bot is in, requires active membership. Leev Town Region: Hoenn Access Point: South of Jura Cave Requirements: Active Membership, Hoenn Champion, Completed Relative Quest Pokémon Tower Underground Region: Kanto Access Point: Pokemon Tower (Lavender) Requirements: Active Membership, Pokemon Tower Underground Puzzle Safari Exclusive Region: Kanto Access Point: Kanto Safari Zone Requirements: Active Membership, Entry to Kanto Safari Zone Sevii Islands Region: Kanto Access Point: Vermilion City Requirements: Active Membership, Kanto Champion Exclusive Pokémon Membership pokemon that you have not seen in an area will be marked in your in-game pokedex with a pink question mark rather than a Gray one as shown below. For ease, I recommend using the Reborn Bot Reto check if your desired Pokemon is Membership Only. You may access the Reborn Bot in the PRO Official Discord. The bot will be able to tell you the Pokemon, the required level and the location of the pokemon with the command: ^s pokemonName Otherwise you can check out the PRO Wiki for spawns. They are most of the times up to date. A different type of Membership (Black Membership) Since it contains Membership in its name, a short mention of the Black Medalion is given. It is a own item with its own effect(s). It has the same attributes as item as the normal Membership (How to pucharse it, activate it, it is tradeable ...). Black Medalion Cost: 40 Coins Function: 72 Hours of added 20% chance of Hidden Ability Pokemon. Notable mentions: - You can deactivate your 'BMS' infront of any Department store (Celadon, Goldenrod, Lilyvoce, Veilstone) by an NPC - You can check how long your 'BMS' is still active in every Doc Cities Pokemon Center (Yukki NPC)
  24. Hey there and welcome to the Nap Island Walkthrough! This guide will cover every quest you will find on this small island. Nap Island will give you the ability to travel between Johto and Hoenn without spending money. Requirement: You will need to be Hoenn Champion to be able to enter the island. How to access: You will have to either go South in Route 41 or North in Route 125. Once you are in Nap Town talk to Claire. She will ask you to help her with something; upon accepting, she will tell you that her cute and adorable Pokémon ran away to bother other people and she will ask you to bring her Pokémon back. Head to the Sleeping Path and you will find a Jigglypuff in front of Nap Cave's entrance. Interact with Jigglypuff and it will start singing; you will then fall asleep giving it the time to run away. Go through Nap Cave to reach the Secret Nap Area where you will spot Jigglypuff. Here you will meet Claire's boyfriend and after talking to him, Jiglypuff will run away again. Talk to Stephan another time and he will battle you. He has a Luxray. After defeating Stephan, you will need to head to Nap Forest where you will meet Jigglypuff in the bottom-right corner of the map. Defeat Jigglypuff to help Stephan catch it and then reach Claire who will thank you for the help. Upon talking to Stephan, he will reward you with a Rocky Helmet. On Nap Shore, you'll find the Elite 4 of Nap Island. It is composed of four kids and the Champion Rin; defeat them all to receive some rewards! Jonathan is the first member of the Nap Island Elite 4. He specializes in Grass type Pokémon. Leavanny, Vicreebel, Shiftry, Exeggutor, Ferrothorn, Whimsicott After defeating him, he will give you a Meadow Plate and you will be allowed to face the second member of the Elite 4. Dylan is the second member of the Nap Island Elite 4. He specializes in Rock type Pokémon. Rhyperior, Crustle, Cradily, Solrock, Tyranitar, Gigalith After defeating him, he will give you a Dawn Stone and you will be allowed to face the third member of the Elite 4. Benjamin is the third member of the Nap Island Elite 4. He specializes in Bug type Pokémon. Scolipede, Armaldo, Heracross, Yanmega, Durant, Galvantula After defeating him, he will give you a Wide Lens and you will be allowed to face the fourth member of the Elite 4. Noam is the fourth member of the Nap Island Elite 4. He specialized in Water type Pokémon. Slowking, Carracosta, Walrein, Whiscash, Crawdaunt, Lanturn After defeating him, he will give you TM 105 - Scald and you will be allowed to face the Champion of the Elite 4. Rin is the Champion of the Nap Island Elite 4. Garchomp, Slaking, Volcarona, Magnezone, Gengar, Gyarados After defeating her, she will give you a Slakoth! Inside the house on the right of Nap Town's Pokecenter, two old people are waiting for someone to help them; talk to the Old Lady Simone to start this quest. She will ask you to bring her the ingredients needed to make a remedy for her sick husband; the only medic on Nap Island. All these ingredients can be easily gathered around the island. Revival Herb Zinc Moomoo Milk Deep Sea Scale If you don't have already a Pokémon that knows the move Aromatherapy, you can catch a Paras in Nap Forest. After bringing her all the ingredients, her husband will feel better and he will reward you giving you the possibility to catch his Munna. Inside the house on Sleeping Path, a young boy who wants to become a rapper is listening to music. His mom hid his dinner because he doesn't want to start his journey. After helping him, he will reward you with $10,000. There are a few items and an abandoned Pokémon that you can pick up during your stay on Nap Island. Route 49 Nap Shore Nap Town Route 135 Sleeping Path Nap Cave Nap Cave B1F Secret Nap Area Nap Forest
  25. Location Game corner in Goldenrod City Requirements How to use Rewards Syncable Pokemon Shiny Pokemon Random Prizes
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