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  1. Eligible Pokémon and Scoreboard: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OHZcZk59_2a43K_xOCuotsY2Ma3JarZPgV1pVqk1zrU/edit?usp=sharing Submission Details: Share the screenshot of your best Pokémon with the ID, and post in⁠ #hunting-submissions in the Vanguard Discord server for verification and record. *Reminder: Players must be registered before the event starts. Registrations will be closed once the Easter event begins. ~Guild Vanguard Discord link: https://discord.gg/rJmPCDkdax
  2. Point System: Score = X[(Total IVs + Nature + Ability) x 3.14] X = 1 = normal ; 1.15 = event ; 1.2 = shiny Nature = 0 for poor ; 15 for Niche ; 30 for PVP-able Ability = 0 for poor ; 10 for Niche ; 20 for PvP-able The Nature, Abilities, and Total IVs have a greater influence on the overall score of a Pokémon compared to the X factor (which represents whether the Pokémon is normal, event, or shiny). This means that the quality of the Pokémon's Nature, Abilities, and Total IVs plays a significant role in determining its score. Natures Poor: Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Quirky, Serious (Natures that do not affect stats). Niche: Natures whose impact depends on the Pokémon and its stats, not considered the most ideal in the overall meta. (Example: Larvesta with Hasty) PVP-able: Generally agreed to be the most ideal in the overall meta (Example: Rotom with Bold, Calm, Timid, Modest) Abilities Poor & Intermediate: Abilities whose impact is not considered the most ideal in the overall meta. (Example: Larvesta with Swarm ; while there’s some justification for its usage, it is generally fairly niche with the requirement of Buginium Z and most players would prefer Flame Body instead) Pvp-able: Generally agreed to be the most ideal in the overall meta. (Example: Togekiss with Serene Grace) Hypothetical Case The scoring system excludes Hidden Power from consideration due to the wide variety of Pokémon that do not rely on it. However, in cases where the top scores are identical, further evaluation will be focused on the Pokémon's "PVP-ability" in hypothetical scenarios reflecting the game's overall meta. Only after considering these factors will Hidden Power be potentially considered in this context. ~Guild Vanguard Discord link: https://discord.gg/rJmPCDkdax
  3. @Henrypart2 I'm in-game rn, I'm at Olivine PC rn but I can also travel anywhere for the trade
  4. Bump: Update (2nd September 2023) Reassessed and recalibrated the pricing for some Pokemon. Added Gibles and Mimikyu
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