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  1. Im pretty sure players could check how many low tier pokemons where on the spot and decide based on that aswell not only the the tier of the pokemon they gonna hunt . The change was done cause it would be easier for the spawn editors and i dont think it really made it easier for ppl that farm pokes. Also saying the old system was deceiving while the new one isnt is absurd , u can have 2 common poke in one route and one can be 10 times easier to farm while both have the "common " label . And thats not the point tbh as i said players prefered the old features so i dont see why u have to rework them while there a still a ton of other things that need to be fixed
  2. +1 for some reason u guys change things that are working perfectly fine . Logout teleport and spawn rarities are the most recent ones . Whole pro playerbase is against them but u still go for the " rework" instead of focusing on more important aspects of the game .
  3. It would be nice if after a suggestion is finally answered by a staff member to not insta close the post after denying it but rather give the guy who made the post sometime to reply back even if the decision has been made
  4. 100 mil was an underprice btw the normal price might be like 200 for shinies and 70 for themed . And it needs like years to get that amount in pro imo unless im stupid and idk how to make 100 mil in few months
  5. Ppl dont use effort to collect pokedollars ? They just create an account that has millions on it out if the blue? If the price of these mons is high enough it wont be insulting to anyone
  6. Thats is absolutely wrong . First of all only like 0.001 % of the players has like 100mil + to actually buy these mons if it were to happen , also even these rich guys would only be able to buy 1-2 of these epics mons so they would need to farm or buy any other mon they want like normal players . Also it wont be an auction since u dont compete with other players to buy them
  7. After the staff auction ended i was pretty mad ngl , cause like 99% of those epic shiny /themed pvp mons were locked into accounts of players that will never use them in pvp . So i was thinking , maybe staff can start a service when for example if u have gathered 50 mil u can get an epic themed mon , 100 mil epic shiny mon and so on ( the prices are just examples and should probably be set to even higher so that shiny market doesnt perish ) . That way u can create huge money sinks while also pleasing some players . I am aware there are some lurking dangers like i said above about shiny market but i think its not bad taking a minute or two thinking about this suggestion . Its sad to see all the epic shiny / themed mons locked into pve accounts . Also might motivate some players to comeback into the game ( for example i have been actively pvping the last 2.5 years but recently 3 months now i have kinda lost motovation to pvp and i barely play like 5 battles per month , so maybe it could be some kind of incentive ) P.s. obviously the mons wont be tradable
  8. The stalin comment was only made after wammys post was moved . So its not true that the original one included such things
  9. If u have epic h.a bold hp fire guss pm in discord Pispi13#8958
  10. Sold in game can be closed
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