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  1. If you just mention a expected price range it will be better for everyone who interessted
  2. @Eon can yiu check who won? I think last bids were to late
  3. I cant be online now i will in 9h i am not sure who won let a mod check @Eon
  4. Discord bids are not valid as offers just saying
  5. Hi, Walrein is on sale start 1k no insta cc 380k reroll 680k Ends 4 days after first bid
  6. Hi, Tang is on sale 1 k start Rerlls 680k Cc 380k End 4 days after first bid
  7. Hi glalie is on sale Start 1k No insta Rerolls 680k Cc 380k Ends 4 days after 1st bid
  8. Trade forced to runner up. But please do something about the rules . RULES like that make it extreme unfair for auctioneers.
  9. @paok123 they say i am forced to sell you cause of this mess and annoying rules. So i guesse so lol
  10. His bid wasnt removed when made.. therefore other guys had not a chance to bid. Since his bid was there for a while. Others might have bid 4m instead of him. Enough said im tired of these auctions.
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