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  1. If anyone has any questions please ask and ill try to answer them.
  2. To Start: The stacking To start you first need to know that you are able to stack this box when releasing Pokemon. Yes you can indeed stack these boxes on top of each other to release multiple Pokemon. First you go to release 1 Pokemon and the "Release pokemon Box" appears wanting you to confirm it. Instead you can ignore it and keep on dragging Pokemon to the trash can making Multiple of these boxes stack on top of each other. Then once your done with going through all your garbage to Release you can just spam click the "Yes" Button on all these boxes to Qui
  3. it is not a bug, its just unfortunate rng.
  4. -1 gambling like this would cause an uproar and there are easier ways to gamble your money away in pro
  5. Bump working on example image
  6. I find it slightly annoying that the battle log is only in orange for both your opponent and you (except when the opponent switches out a pokemon there name will be blue see image as example) It would be slightly better with ally/foe coloring as in Blue for all your pokemon's moves/switches and orange for all the opponents so when in battle you can quickly scim to whichever you want to see very minor suggestion i know Thanks for reading!
  7. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/65778-restore-pokemon-megathread/ heres the link to the thread you need to make a post in
  8. By no means am i a top pvp'er or make ladder but still wanted to say something (stall/bulky balance player myself hate if you want) I Personally feel like people are putting too much stress on Ash-gren, its not like its going to be in that form 100% of the time. It will take time and the right plays to get a k/0 with it. It being choiced lock (in most arguments people are putting the timid specs set as a example) means you can easily exploit it in the early game. Ash-gren is inherently a late game sweeper (in most cases) sacks will be made, predictions will be predicted and ash-gren w
  9. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/113654-daily-login-bonus/ https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/13309-login-bonuses/?tab=comments#comment-103152 Been suggested before, may be hard to Balance properly.
  10. -1 this really only benefits baton pass teams that like setting up a chain, Doesn't really effect people who plan out for bosses with just good mons and strategy
  11. As this will prob be Moved to the General Support Subforum ill help you out. (next time use it you might of received an answer before me) https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/34-general-support I didn't see anything in the trade rules forum saying the allotted time that the player that wins the auction gets so i guess its just a rule of thumb. You cant sell the mon to another person before contacting a trade mod/reporting the player for false bidding. Id say wait at least 24-48hrs after you put contact information (discord usernames for pm'ing or tell the guy to pm me o
  12. This is a very complicated subject, on one hand you get easier repel farming for players. On the other easier auto-farming for botters. It would also be slightly harder for Staff to determined if a player is actually playing or using a script to farm. (imo not apart of finding out whos who.) i have no problems with the current repel system, but wouldn't mind it getting in.
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