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  1. I think my Pink shaymin quest is bugged atm, i did up to the micle berry and the Gracidea flower last year and didnt do the rest. I went back to do it and none of the Kimono girls spawn. The white hair npc tells me to talk with the old lady and she says. When i go to the places to find the Girls they are no where to be found. I thought i might of finished this part last year so i tried to go to the next part but the fisherman doenst give me the Dialog to go to the next part. Thank you for reading and i hope someone can help.
  2. Seismitoad learns it in gen 8, not gen 7 which pro is based on.
  3. auction is over and the mon is traded, this post can be closed now.
  4. I would personally make it so the same thing can't be picked twice in a row. Gold personally needs an umbrella from all the rain. Otherwise I love the concept.
  5. you have started the auction, Gl time starts with your post.
  6. When pro "Gens up" most of the playerbase may leave, so prob not happening.
  7. S.0 - 800k min raise - 200k insta - 8mil duration - 24hrs (from first bid) methods of paying - cash only.
  8. well you cant expect a guide to just come out of nowhere especially this early in the event, players mostly make guides for events and event forms can be found via just asking in the chat/looking through the pokedex. The ones that i personally found are wooper line, bellsprout line and mantyke line.
  9. Dont worry the easter event is live and you can hunt all the old and new easter forms. there were some delays but that happens i guess. dont worry the game is still very much alive and well. you can keep up to date by joining the discord server and watching out for announcements about the game. ill post an invite link below. Offical_PRO_Discord_Link!
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