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  1. i should of won the Empoleon by now @DrBlazewhen can we meet to do the trade? i should be online most of the day. heres my discord if you cant get a hold of me ingame. iceflake#8225
  2. it says the auction starts at 700k for torkoal, empoleon, and pelipper
  3. iceflake

    Fling Tutor

    scizor and scyther dont learn fling by tutor so it would have to be a tm 56. Will prob be added eventually.
  4. what we need is a mirror b Hairstyle (or at least a mirror b hat if you dont recognize him hes from the gamecube pokemon Colosseum (Xd and gale of darkness) games)
  5. i tested route 33's and route 31 cave shortcuts both work with the item tool shovel. are you sure you didn't give/sell your shovel or did you not clear the tunnel from the other side of the cave yet?
  6. the problem then is sturdy, which nobody wants to deal with. i much prefer having Poli over golem anyday. you just need to lvl up the mon to be faster than a lvl 10 poli. A +speed max iv in speed poli gets 24 speed. you would need to at least be 50 speed or higher to outspeed them (this is counting the macho brace item halving speed) which most mons can do around lvl 50, tank mons can do it around 60. -1 keep it the same.
  7. This is Queen Elizabeth. She's named that because she thinks she owns everything.
  8. this is explained in the pvp rules section under sleep clause, i recommend reading through. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/31283-ranked-pvp-rules/
  9. the game doesnt count chansey as asleep as it has the nature cure ability. if this was the other way around (ie hydreigon got slept first than amoonguss tried to put chansey to sleep) it would fail.
  10. you can get alolan vulpix, alolan sandshrew, alolan exeggutor, alolan ratatta, alolan raichu, alolan muk,rockruff,cutiefly all from events/outbreaks. There might be dedicated spawns for some of these in the future but none have one yet. As for galar, sadly there is no galar pokemon in PRO yet since its based on gen7 atm and wont probably update to gen 8 for a long long time.
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