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  1. It deters people away from boosting it also limits the amount of boosting they can do in one sitting limiting the harm they can do to the economy in the process. If you wanna boost you will 100% be caught ;') -1 leave it.
  2. -1 If you don't like normal pvp play Ranked Random.
  3. This is honestly the same thing. Also writing this as my last post wasn't as fleshed out. Still a -1 from me. Scenario 1: GMS saying if sync worked and what nature. You encounter a Bulbasaur with a bold sync. "GMS Sync has worked to Bold!" You get a Bold Bulbasaur. Scenario 2: GMS just telling you it worked. You encounter a Bulbasaur with a bold sync. "GMS Sync Worked!" You get a Bold Bulbasuar Scenario 3: GMS working and stating the nature of the pokemon. You encounter a Bulbasaur with a bold sync. "GMS Failed, Lax Natured!" You wouldn't catch it as then you would just be wasting a pokeball. Only with specific pokemon that could use multiple natures {like Swablu for example) Benifit greatly for it and is seen as overpowered. Scenario 4: GMS failing and not telling the nature You encounter a Bulbasaur with a bold sync. "GMS Failed!" You would just run away. If sync failed then that means its a very lower probability that you will roll into the nature you wanted. As you see it makes no difference either way, you will always catch it if it works even if it tells you the nature or you just don't catch it since it doesn't sync. The only outlier is 3 but for very few pokemon. Hunting by far is one of PROs best money sinks in the game {imo}, giving players the option to always see what they are getting{even if its backhanded} will be bad in the long term. It seems like a minor change but it completely changes the hunting format. It changes the fundamental rules of pokemon. {not counting gen 8 since with gen 8 pretty much everything goes.}
  4. -1 PvP coins should be rewarded for skillful play and consistency. You don't get more rating if you use lower tier pokemon in OU in Showdown. If your good enough to win with lower tier pokemon thats a flex in of itself. PvP is in a good state right now imo and it can only get better with the future release of Z moves. Fafouney opinion above is also well explained.
  5. This basically removes the 50% chance. You wouldn't have to waste money/pokeballs to catch pokemon without the desired nature. This is something That would be unhealthy imo.
  6. -1 Would be exploitable everywhere, in early game as well as late game.
  7. already on the devs todo list for the pc rework.
  8. -1 Other games do this and I don't really like it.
  9. Funny enough if you have a steam controller then playing pro with a controller is just dandy. There are some complication like some message boxes needing you to click on with a mouse that are likely never going to be able to be automated with a button like (space). A ps4/5 controller has a trackpad on it as well that could be a solution for you.
  10. -1 This would just make hunting just to easy. A 50% sync chance is just fine enough.
  11. https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/161805-recoloring-the-battle-log/#comment-900996 Would go hand in hand with my past suggestion of Color coding it. +1
  12. you must be remembering wrong as it was a shadow Togepi, info can be found about in the link I gave or this one,
  13. To do this would require not a "Event Tutor" as it wasn't ever a event move. You get it from Purifying the shadow Togepi you get, many shadow pokemon from pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness have unique moves when being purified. If they add one they most likely have to add them all Im guessing. The full list can be found Here of them. Will need some kind of Purification tutor, though that would only work on shadow pokemon so XD. (Also side note the Togepi in XD gale of Darkness cannot evolve in XD gale of darkness, you have to trade it to evolve it in another game.) +1 I want Baton pass for my Xatu.
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