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  1. what time the auction finishes? cause rn you dont have set any time and its so confusing
  2. Godly indeed good luck with the auction
  3. wow hp ice shiny char nice video btw
  4. i also had the same problem when i clicked cancel to my mega gyarados mount it was keep telling me this so i also had to relog
  5. you have to set a time for the auction for example a 24hours auction or something to avoid confusion if you are new to auction thing you can read the trade rules first wont take much time good luck with the auction
  6. an ingame guildbank would be a really cool idea, imagine a npc in guildisland that every member can donate a X amount of money in the guilfbank and with that way help the guild. that opens a lot of things like guild pve/pvp ingame tournaments with the option pay from the guildbank or other options that guilds can enter by paying entry fee to an npc with the guildbank money and make the guilds a lot more interesting cause right now they need a lot of things that they miss
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