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  1. i see i wasnt playing at the time so i became aware of this now, ty for the links, sad to hear it wont change but its okay i guess
  2. ive been missing for a long time, and one of the things i spotted have been change is the lvl up bar, ive strongly remember that after you kill the poke your poke goes for lvl 5 (example) to lvl 34(example) instantly, the current lvl up bar takes ages, for instance i have recorded how much time its takes for a rattata lvl 5 to get 38. video is to big to upload but it takes 97 seconds exacly. the only way you skip that timer is log out and log in again but is that really the point? i also sometimes spot a bug, my pokes going lvl 75(example number but its usually around that lvl when this happen) and the lvl shows 76 when the battle ends its get back to lvl 75 (in short its just lvl ups 2 lvl in the fight instead of one, but you still get only 1 lvl) its just a visual bug. idk whats wrong with the old lvl up system but it was very good imo.
  3. -1 i believe this is more a frustrated idea by you rather an idea thats actually useful, afterall this is an mmorpg game, its all about luck, dedication and hard work, if a reroll you had is bad, you grind till the next one and hope for a better result thats the fun of the game, the grind.
  4. Name: server lottery Description: Every 24 hours (or once in a week time can be decided by you) there would be a lottery on the server(gold,silver separately), you can buy a ticket from casino (maybe there would be a limit like 5 tickets per person) for a small fee something like 2-5k per ticket, then that fee is added to the lottery reward, the lottery reward will be all fees from the tickets bought while the lottery runs, then when its end the winner is picked from all the players bought a ticket, more tickets means more chances but thats why it should be a limit so very rich people dont abuse this, afterall it should be something fun something that you gambling a small fee not huge amount of money. I believe that would be a great addition to the already poor casino game, if thats is something cant be done for an amount of reasons, then adding more games to the Casino? Something like a roulette or a machine that gives you random things from some pokeballs or either to rare candy and life orb, similar to how recycle machine works but instead of paying with gems and evo stones you pay with money, small fee 1-5k each time.
  5. If you talking about the cost, if you buy Safari pass you can enter ev zone for 2k each time. However if you talking about the time which is 20mins each time, then i agree its a bit annoying to have get in every 20mins, but i think its a fair deal, if you having Membership active you actually get your 2k back by killing pokes to ev train, and most of the times you even get more money so at the long run you may even get back the first 50k you paid for the pass. However I would like a different pass to exist for ev zone separately, that would let you stay at ev zone as long as you want just how the current safari pass works but for ev train zone instead, obviously tho the price would need to be higher than 50k, to me a price close to 150k seems fair cause i usually go there with around 20 pokes to ev train so 150k to ev train 20 pokes its good price for me, but someone that want to ev train like 4 or 5 pokes may find the price to high. I dont think this will ever be implemented but would be a great addition.
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