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  1. Hello, I would like to join. Almost 1k hours playtime, finished story IGN: Invalid :]
  2. NAME CHANGE Username: Gladios New Username: Invalid Server to charge the money from: Gold
  3. Could this be implemented?
  4. I did something really stupid... My Pokémon got deleveled, i was so grateful and still am, i then equipped my gligar with the razer fang and levelled it...it didn't evolve because it wasn't night time. I don't know if i should ask again but would it be possible to have it deleveled again? I'm really sorry. Regards
  5. In game name: Gladios Server: Gold Pokémon ID/SS: I accidentally made it 100, would like to delevel it please. Regards
  6. Black Hearts [ATTACH=full]65634[/ATTACH] Guild leader: Unaccessible Guild Established: 2017 Who are we? We are pretty much an anything goes guild, we are free to do as we like. BUT NO SCAMMING, CURSING OR TRICKING OWN GUILD MEMBERS Our aims Have faith in me and I'll lead us, as one of the officers, to glory. Guild Requirements If you want to join please state these as a comment below and we may get back to you. How many hours played in PRO? Favourite Pokemon you use in PRO? If you have an interest in PvP? Regards Gladios
  7. How does choice band work? Does it literally multiply the attack stat by 1.5x, for example my Jolly Gallades' attack stat is at 349, so is it 349 x 1.5 = 523.5 with a choice band? Or does it just multiply the base stat disregarding any training? Sorry not exactly sure how it's done.
  8. Buenos dias, reparación del servidor
  9. It could be hours, days, months, years, maybe even decades, but don't worry the server will be back online.
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