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  1. Hi, Since over a year I have problem with digway on Route 4 (which leads to Route 3 through Mt.Moon ). When I'm trying to interact with it nothing happens. Meanwhile, when interacting with opposite digway (Route 3) casual message pops out allowing me to use it. I want to know where is the problem and how to fix it? Also, I'd like to know, where's Explorer NPC (the one who fixes dig spots) for Kanto region. I found ones for Johto and Sinnoh respectively, but can't find him in Kanto.
  2. I'd go further and add Discord ping about the contest. Not every player has game opened during that time, ping would solve the problem of missing the contest by most of them.
  3. Map name: Sinnoh Safari Area Zone 2 Pokemon: Pidove Reason: It's tier is too high for such poke. Also there are no other spawn places Others: Please lower the tier or add some other spawn places, it's painful to catching it for Pokedex completion.
  4. Admin please, close the topic.
  5. Topic can be closed, no offers.
  6. I would like to make a suggestion to Brock Boss rewards. I think now, when he uses Toxicroak in his team, he should give Croagunk as a reward poke with 3 times win option. I think it's fair, because Chuck gives Shroomish as a reward, when he uses Breloom. I would also suggest to increase Croagunk spawn areas in game. He's definitely too rare. P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.
  7. It looks like that's there no other way, than wait for Buizel until I go to Sinnoh... It's available by surfing, not fishing.
  8. I'm huntin for it since few weeks. It's not rare, it's a myth.
  9. Map name: Route 10 Pokemon: Buizel (m/d/n) Reason: It's almost unfindable there Other: Tier 5
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