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  1. sold to thanos13th auction 150k
  2. ok i didn't seen the auction start but its ok you won it pm me ingame to take gardevoir ingamename = calhanoglu
  3. s.o = 100k min raise = 25k insta = 1m 1 hours auction
  4. do a notification tomorrow as fish contest will start either in day or night ?
  5. as it will be implented as consumable item i suggest to make it as a berry so we will find it in trees (headbutt) or pokestop npc
  6. why not add a systeme message pop up notification ( as for maintenance) when fish contest or an icon (as wq) bcz sometimes ppl shut down their chat window and didn't see systeme notification whan fish contest starts
  7. -1 already prepared in dashboard i think there we can make trade & auction
  8. bump every ppl in chat want a battle to kill their syncro & the item to kill was prepared but not integrated so far
  9. s.o 2m min bid = 150k insta = 3m 24 hours auction start after first bid in game name = calhanoglu discord = calhanoglu#2931
  10. add an npc in every pocket center which will make the first pkemon die directly
  11. -1 craziest pro idea wtf so all players must complete all region in both server to get a specific mone to buy a mone or farm it and have to leave their guild to server transfer ..... and if sinnoh daily quest ask us to farm a mone in other server how we do so ?
  12. this idea of copy is a big mistake bcz it spam the chat and make it trolled
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