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  1. @Eunia Better watch your words, Its "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" nor YOU OR ANYONE ELSE can ask me or tell me what should i do with my money/ my items! I trash it. Whats your problem? Also, don't try to make a statement for other players / moderator. They can express there point & one last thing " DONT ACT SMART"
  2. I would also like to put my point of view here. I have some questions to ask: 1. Why there is a limit of 1 hour? Is this even a required? 1 hour is a really short time, when using 10x iv reroll, Also, not to forgot its not a free service. I would recommend increasing the limit to let the user think and plan what will be a good way to go. 2. Why there is no tutorial to how double reroll service work? Assume, I am new player which wanted to use double reroll service, and I don't want to go to just youtube for everything. Why not tell the user everything how it works? It would have helped!
  3. Auction end time? Please provide exact time.
  4. Discussed price with @Sahka over discussed and sold both for 801k
  5. Sold Ada-Aggron for 500k
  6. Sold Pineco, Forrtress, Jumpluff and Cottonee for 1.9m
  7. Meet middle? at 800k?
  8. Hi, I am currently in Gold Server and move to Silver if required. I would like to auction this! S.o 2m Minimum Increase 200k. Instant Price at 10m Accpeted Payments: Pokedollars // cc at 400k ea // rc at 7k ea // iv reroll & nature reroll 700k & 350k respectively. Total Auction time : 48 Hrs once auction starts and is in my consideration. Time Left Link: Will be added once noted by me.
  9. Milotic Sold for 500k
  10. Mega-Gengar 4 sold for 2m
  11. 750k each looks fair to me.
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