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  1. Content Changelog February 2021 NPCs [Changed] The Item Recycler now accepts Leftovers as well. Quest [Added] Solgaleo and Lunala as possible legendaries on Birth Island. Event [Added] Valentine Event and a new Quest on Aphrodia. Aphrodia is accessible from avery port city.
  2. Content Changelog January 2021 Bosses [Added] Species Clause to Medium and Hard Mode. You can no longer bring two Pokemon with the same national dex number to a normal or hard boss fight. Event [Removed] Evergeen Islands are no longer accessbile since the Xmas Event has ended. Quest [Changed] Matsuki Village is now accessible from Resort Area instead of the region's port cities. [Changed] $7,500 entry fee to $5,000 and you are free of charge if you have an active transit pass. NPCs [C
  3. Hello, I resetted the cooldown for the boss Nikola on your account. You should now be able to challenge him again. kind regards
  4. Hello, thank you reporting this bug. Conrad should now check the correct currency for the selected payment method. You should now able to mega evolve your mount now. kind regards
  5. Hello, thank you for reporting this bug. This should be fixed now and he checks for the right currency now. kind regards
  6. Content Changelog December 2020 NPCs [Added] Mount Mega Evolver Conrad in Celadon Mart 1 who can evolve some selected Mounts into its Mega Form for a fee if you provide the respective Mega Stone. [Added] Max Repel Seller Bonny in every Department Store. He sells 400 Max Repels for $250,000. Tutors [Changed] TM Tutor - Dark Pulse in Ecruteak City to TM Seller - Dark Pulse who now sells TM76 - Dark Pulse for $15.000 each. [Added] Move Tutor - Secret Sword in Matsuki Village who teaches the move Secret Sword for $15.000 to
  7. Content Changelog November 2020 Tutors [Changed] TM Tutor - Poison Jab in Safari Area 1 to TM Seller - Poison Jab who now sells TM143 - Poison Jab for $12.000 each. [Added] TM Tutor - Hone Claws in Pastoria City who teaches the move Hone Claws for $7.000. [Added] TM/Move Tutor - Metronome in Cinnabar Lab 1 who teaches the TM and tutor move Metronome for $8.000.
  8. This thread is designed for all the content updates. Changes involving in-game additions, battle updates and client updates will remain in our Update Logs.
  9. Hello, thank you for reporting the bug. The previous check didn't consider the difference between the cases of the letters in the middle of the OT. It should be fixed now. kind regards
  10. Hello, thank you for reporting the bug. It should be fixed now. kind regards
  11. Hello, @RafArnaldiIt looks like you forfeited in the quest at least once (you left the Dark Realm after getting defeated) before you completed the Dark Realm. You will only get the locked IV Reroll Ticket if you manage to beat the Dark Realm without forfeiting. kind regards
  12. Hello, I reset Gorge for you. You can now go back to Mayor Gorge in his house and claim your reward. kind regards
  13. Hello, I resetted Gorge in his house for you. You should now be able to go back to Gorges House and claim your reward after talking to him. kind regards
  14. Hello, sadly, you would have to complete the Dark Realm (and defeat Umbra again). Even if you would be able to enter the Nightmare Battle now, you would have no Pokemon in the Nightmare Battle because they are determined by the Pokemon you saved in the Dark Realm. Resetting the Dark Realm means resetting the saved Pokemon in there too. kind regards
  15. Hello, you can quickly restart the Nightmare Battle by simply talking to one of the statues and select "Surrender". Surrendering gives you no penalty and you can reenter right after it. kind regards
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