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  1. ALL SOLD! Also new pokes will be added soon, stay tuned!
  2. Hello, sure, but please send me a message on Discord whenever you want to trade because i always have discord open and its easier for me to keep track of the requests
  3. Bump! Updated with new pokes and stuff 12/09
  4. This is the house, right top of the pokecenter. There will be a race in around 1h30
  5. ° what can you contribute to Eternity? I'd like to help with anything necessary, either pvping, specific poke hunting, grinding or even telling jokes ° what is your real life and ingame name? Real life: Alex Ingame: RedSorrow / Kallept ° how old are you and where are you from? Im 29 years old and im from Portugal ° discord tag? how often are you online there? My discord tag is Kalle von Hohenzollern#5594 and i usually play daily alot of hours. Since im homeworking during the day i can "afk" hunting pokes on my laptop while doing my work, and i also play a few hours during the night when i want to pvp, boss farming, trading etc etc ° screenshot of your trainercard
  6. Hello, i've been playing this game for a long time and have never been in a guild or have any game friends so i'd like to apply for a friendly and active guild. I speak english and portuguese and my discord tag is Kalle von Hohenzollern#5594 My main character:
  7. Hello and welcome to my shop! I have dozens of pokemons stored so i'll be posting them here mostly once per week, enjoy it! RULES: 1) No fake offers, if you do that i will report 2) Prices are as low as i can offer, so non-negotiable 3) All trades are made only in Vermilion PAYMENT METHODS: Pokedollars Coin capsule - (400K) Rare Candy - (7.5k) Re-roll ticket - (750k) Nature-Reroll ticket - (350k) CONTACTS: Discord: Kalle von Hohenzollern#5594 In-Game: RedSorrow (main account) / Kallept (trade account) Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kalle41 (10k discount on everything when streaming) TRAINED NOT TRAINED STORY/DEX SHINY/EVENT COSMETICS/ITEMS
  8. Alright ill wait until is fixed, thank you for the reply!
  9. Hey there, i looked over the foruns but cant find an answer. Basically i cant proceed with the quest from this point i've done the quest for the sceptile before, and im the OT of my mudkip, so is it really closed for everyone or am i missing something here?
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