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  1. Yo, just some ideas i can suggest 1. Outbreak skin ; like we know many people only playing when there is an event (skin mount = easy cash), maybe this idea can boost player to online. Almost same like normal out break but take longer, maybe 2-3 day. example xmas, can be all poke with xmas skin going outbreak or just 2/3 (but at least 1 must be rare or cool) 2. Trade History ; is it already? idk. since we have dashboard and we can access dashboard per id, this feature can be really helping, especially when u kind guy who like to lending mons to newb and sometime u forget to who u lend it. 3. Controlled Rmt ; yes i know this very sensitive, but this idea maybe can boost people to do more grinding/ hunting? my first thought is recash cc, well of course its not at full price, maybe half? i have said this in other post. if i have crazy rare shiny and usable, i probably wont sell it for pokedollars, i mean what can i do with that much pokedollar, even if i buy all godly poke i still wont make it to ladder lol. but if player can make some real money, maybe i would (and of course people who like it but dnt have pokedollar will bought cc. maybe lol). 4. Event skin at random 5. More unique mounts ; can we got more unique mounts like goku's cloud? my suggestion is aokiji bike, its not land mount but surf mount, and its not like normal bike mount but it gives some icy effect (this not my idea actually, but sounds pretty cool), another ideas is bijuu mounts. 6. collection book; its like pokedex but instead regular mons we can see all event/skin mons we have catch/OT, it can attract player to complete it. maybe can add some reward if u complete at certain point or not lol (i mean if we can complete all event skin, its something worth to show off). maybe work with shinies too 7. Beggar's trade banned ; last but not least. can we make make this one realized? i mean those beggars at cerulean or vermilion really annoying, especially when u doing pvp and they keep spam. Begging this begging that, dang, how n**b are u to beg 5k or 10k. Its not 1 or 2 i lose pvp because someone chat me in the middle of game, i tried close it but they keep pm with 'i know u wont give me, but i really need it, i will be thnkfull if i can get 5k'. If u tell me to ignore them, i already did, but this beggar is infinite, they multiply faster then rabbit and its annoying if i have to ignore every single of them. My suggestion is, when we click player name, there will new option 'report' then beggar, and when someone got this report several times from different user, he got muted and cant do any trade for 1 week or month or year. i mean if u asking help like 'bro can you help me beat this gio mewtwo? its very weird and i cant beat him, i cant pay you much, i only have 5k'. For me its pleasure to help this kind of newb, i will help him freely.
  2. simply said no? wait till server merged, we need to said no to all beggers and skemer from both server
  3. system notif shiny beldum= fresh shiny = cheap shiny = skem newbie with 10m = sell again 30m = easy 20m This is what most likely what will happen, all we need is ms active and most newbie will flex his shiny, they usually only have 50-100k in pocket and got 10 m offer, dang ez skem.
  4. joke a side, lando t is op, but not that hard to counter xD. there is a reason why it is on ou
  5. iam using trick room on pvp, amoonguss and clefable also annoying also ban pwease, and tangrowth pwease, and sometime mega metagross also annoying ban it too pwease
  6. Rip nerfing another boss strats. its only 30k per boss, 600k per week that not even much except u abusing 4 account. think about player who only enjoying pvp, doesnt really into hunt (yes i know its hunting and grinding game but not everyone have 24/7 to playing) and boss only way to get some money for sash or other pvp items. 600k per week, 2.4m per month. buying epic poke like exca sand rush/ha jolly with 31 speed 4-5m. forget about items, we also need saving 2-3 month only for 1 epic/godly poke. also idk why everything so expensive rn, like evrything goes twice as much then last year. nerfing boss is not really good idea. not everyone having time to train more poke everytime boss got nerf. Banning batton pass because its not fun? hard difficulties not suppose to be fun to begin with, stop talk boss suppose to be fun, its for grind money not else (or for shiny scam lol). and if u enjoying starts without batton pass, why not just do it urself? i mean building various team for every boss mean 40 boss x 6 mons per team. well not everyone specially newbie have time to farm and train new 240 new mons. also not every boss can be beaten with batton pass alone such bugsy, maribelle etc, we still need mons like donphan or bannete to lead. actually if u using batton pass team actually its not as chessy as u think, some time ull need bring 2 batton passer or 2 debuffer or 2 sweeper. sometime boss have Gods luck where they can still hit u with focus blast 3 times streak while having -6 acc and we have +6 eva. u also ned to be clever with items. some boss have poke with flame body (u need lum for sweeper), or sashed magic guard alakzam (u ned sash) or curse body (u cant use banded sweeper) or sand stream ( u cant use sashed sweeper)
  7. Is there any possible way to get money from this game? Beside from making yt videos and not again the rules? Or can we just cash out cc but maybe only half price (just say buy cc = 8 usd, cash out = 4 usd)? I mean if i have shiny beldum epic and someone offer 300m pokedollar i will be like take ur money and get tf out, but if we can cash out cc maybe i can re think to sell it... with this maybe more people will buy cc and more people hunting. at least pro can control rmt on game. At this point except login for pvp and get some chitchat, theres nothing rlly instersting. Sorry replying here, only come to mind when someone talk about rmt
  8. Alopix probably 50k+ useless abi. Mamo 200-300k useless abi, low speed, low tier, low ivs, maybe less. Xmas mareep 50-100k useless maybe work for pve but ivs too low, low tier event. Gengar 300k+ max speed, other ivs decent but still t1. Xmas sandshrew 100k nice ivs, h.a maybe more if u can find some1 who want to try sand team pu. Clefable 300k+ nice ivs but still barely epic, low tier, not ha
  9. times countdown up, 15 min after last bid also up. did i won?times countdown up, 15 min after last bid also up. did i won? ur countdown is missed? @Pinkbanana
  10. Must have completed all regions in game. Yes The player must know how to PvP and begin building a team. Yes and Done Must be able to write and understand the English language. Yes and Yes Must be active in the guild Discord to receive updates and info! Sure What's your IGN?-- Fanned13 How old are you?-- 23 What is Your Discord ID?-- Tehee#2539 What's your goal in PRO?-- Spend time, Enjoyment What is your favorite aspect of PRO?-- PVP and beat some stall player lol What was your highest rating achieved in the last 3 PvP seasons?-- 374 Please include a screenshot of your trainer card! Yp, I know Predators is full now, if allowed to join, I can wait until there is a member slot. Why i want join Predators? Name sound cool af and i know someone there. iam not yet start pvp this season but i will
  11. Idk about survey but its crystal clear to notice. Before 5k per heal, everyone gather near joyce, but now everyone leveling at cave enterance. And about money sink, is that even effective increasing joyce price? Or even nerfing boss team?. For me its really not helpfull, its just make game more dead. Beside joyce, nerfing boss team is more funny. Like people must train or buy boss mon every update? How that can sink the money. Imagine buying shiny for desbond disable gengar bannete mimikyu sharpedo, big oof (atleast 30millions wasted, instant delete pro lols, what next? Ban smeargle cottone and pangoro? Another 30millions shiny wasted) Well, people will losing boss at first but what after people find new team, bam updates wasted. Just nerf only 2 or maybe 1 account can do boss (imagine having 4 account, 2m4 per week? And if they got silver n gold account it mean 4m8 per week? Well idk if u can have both acc at silver and gold lols, but still 2m4 per week is crazy. Not counting some valuable item lol, except water stone or sash or berrys, like sugar honey ice tea hard boss give this kind of reward) But anyway 500 per heal is too cheap xD
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