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  1. Greetings, I happened to find out that there is a glitch in the Dark valley map which allowed me to walk through walsl. I wasn't looking at the screen while moving and ended up on top of a tree with no escape ropes. Took me some time to identify the faulty tile and to get back to the normal movement area. I hope you would fix it before more players come to notice it. Have a great day
  2. Greetings, Don't know what happened today, but Nurse Navochan (healer in Necropolis PC) won't talk to me. I tried relogging, restarting client and tried visiting other maps and back, still she wont talk or heal my pokemons. Now because of that im going to murky town just to heal my pokemons. All other NPCs and PC are still working. Hope you could resolve the issue soon. Thank you.
  3. Hy, long back i almost completed the Garchompite quest till the one where you have to battle between 0400-0500 poketime. Today i attempted to battle him at 0400 but Cynthia wasn't there and i couldn't do the battle. I thought i might have missed something earlier and started from Snow point PC. Cynthia wasnt there, talked to her and her grandma at Celestic ruins after that, went to Canalave library, she said something about sun then i talked to prof Rowan at Sandgem. But he only talks about pokedex and Cynthia was not there.Then i went to sendoff spring ONLY the police man was in-front of the cave. Now i dont know how to get the mega stone. Kindly help me . Thank you.
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