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Community Answers

  1. Hey, unfortunately de-evolution is impossible due to the fact the staff team does simply not have the tools to do so.
  2. Its a 5% chance and a 25% chance with an active black medallion. Its RNG after all so you were probably simply unlucky but I am sure if you keep going you will get one, good luck.
  3. Hard to pricecheck these imo, could reach decently high prices on an auction. So if you would want to sell them an auction would be the best way imo.
  4. Alright, thanks for the quick response. I would recommend to use a VPN and see if it works with that. Be aware that the server is currently down for a server update, so wait for the server to be back up first.
  5. Hey, are you able to answer some questions so its easier to understand and find the issue? - what device are you using? - are you using mobile data or WIFI? - what country are you from?
  6. Hey, get the move False Swipe on your Smeargle and Sketch as another move, then go to route 33 where you can find an Aipom. Use False Swipe until the Aipom uses Baton Pass and then use Sketch. That should work and solve your problem.
  7. Welcome to PRO and the Community. Feel free to join PRO's official discord as well if you ever want to hang out with the community, have questions or simply want to keep yourself updated with the latest news.
  8. Can you give some further details? What seems to be the issue exactly? Are you using the correct Download? What device are you using etc.?
  9. Phanpy 30k sold. Forgot to take screenshot unfortunately.
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