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  1. Your antivirus most likely blocked some files from being dowloaded or extracted. Try to delete all the files, clear your trashbin as well and restart your device. Create an excepetion for PRO on your antivirus or disable your antivirus while downloading + extracting it again and see if it works after that.
  2. Wish and Defog are not banned. You can read the PvP-Rules here: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/31283-ranked-pvp-rules/ Also keep in mind if you would use a banned move or combination it wouldnt let you queue up for a PvP-match, so thats another way to know if you want to say so.
  3. This was fixed during an optional client-update, so after redownloading the game it should be fixed.
  4. You can still evolve it even if its level 100. You can do that by giving it a mysterious candy whichs evolves a pokemon at level 100 if you meet all the requirements. Sneasel has to level-up at nighttime while holding a Razor Claw. You can purchase mysterious candies in all four department stores (Celadon, Goldenrod, Lilycove, Veilstone) for 5k pokedollars, for 2 PvE coins at PvE Coin Masters or for 1 PvP coin at PvP Coin Masters.
  5. Cloud Nine doesnt get rid of the weather itself but only gets rid of the weather effects (like Swift Swim). However that only applies when a pokemon with the ability Cloud Nine is active. Since you mega-evolved there is no pokemon with Cloud Nine active in the battle and the weather effects work again.
  6. Do you mean that one? https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/112424-hoenn-excavation-sites-guide/
  7. You have to be Sinnoh Champion to encounter that Rotom if I remember correctly.
  8. If you did the boss on Hardmode all pokemon have 400 EVs on every stat so thats how the Hippowdon was able to outspeed you.
  9. You probably showed the NPC a Tauros instead of a Miltank. If you show a Miltank you will get the stone for Gardevoir and if you show a Tauros you will get the stone for Gallade. However as munchin already explained you are able to buy the other stone from the Wally NPC after completing the quest for the first stone.
  10. Are you using mobile data to play the game?
  11. From what I know if you choose the option for the train ticket you get free transit for 30 days added to your account. You dont get an item which you could use or sell.
  12. The tradable PvE items change every month so it may be tradable in the future. You can check which items are tradable each month on PRO's official discord.
  13. The Buck NPC takes your master balls and rare candies upon starting the quest. I guess you defeated the level 99 Heatran in the first place? After that you would have needed to talk to Buck to get your masterball back. Since you were unsuccesfull in catching Heatran on the quest you will have another chance to catch it by beating the Nikola boss.
  14. Hey, can you try to delete the current files you have, then check if you have enough space on your phone again (maybe try to clear some more space if possible) and restart your device. Download it again and see if it works after that.
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