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  1. Start offer: 80m Instant price: 120m Auction rules Auction will last 3 days after first bid. Minimum bid is 5m. The pokemon is being sold from the gold server but I will transfer to silver if needed. Accepted payments Coin Capsule = 400k (max. 100) Contact Ingame: Norex Discord: Norex#7322
  2. Its not called bike, thats probably why you cant find it.
  3. One week is perfectly fine imo since the weekend may be needed for some players with different timezones to arrange a time for the battle. Rounds should be announced on mondays as well imo.
  4. -1 because what G3n said basically. We are in a Gen7 meta with Gen7 mechanics, adding stuff from Gen8 wouldnt work on the balancing part alone.
  5. @evergreen12 I am online right now, just PM me ingame when you are around now.
  6. +1, should be an information which is available ingame.
  7. -1 First of all its below 130s and not 120s which seems well balanced since a lot of players already finished the quest successfully. You just have to figure out the strategy behind it. 180s seems way to easy and would mean the quest would be no challenge at all.
  8. Could you try to interact with the tree stump which has mushrooms on it?
  9. Norex

    Lost item.

    Could it be that you started the Heatran Quest recently? The NPC Buck takes your Rare Candies and Master Balls on that quest.
  10. There is an event tutor on route 114 for Refresh.
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