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  1. Nice guide but in Oreburgh Gate B1F are 6 dig spots
  2. i made a thread About them https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/103139-url
  3. Requirement: Hoenn Champion Notice: -If you have already a key you only can trade the Key for the next -For example you have the ``Stone key`` and talk to the guy with the ``Metal key`` you must give him the ``Stone key`` for the ``Metal key``. -You can t see the key in your Backpack. - There can be a bug that he says you only have 2 relic but you know that you collected all 3 of them. if that's the case: Then you must hope for a patch. If you do not want this bug to happen, you should address the guy after each relic. Key Effects: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/103273-url Stone Key Location: Route 111 Desert Relic Locations: Metal Key: Location: Route 120 (Ancient Tomb) Relic Locations: Frozen Key: Location: Route 105 (Island cave) Relic Location:
  4. I think i will creat a thread when my second acc is champ
  5. yes but try the desert first i send the Locations of the relic
  6. It only works if you are hoenn champ i test it with my None hoenn champ acc
  7. i too but know i Found somethig more look on route 111 desert ther is 1 guy too. here the screenshoots from the relicts And after i found them i talked to him and this happend He asked me to trade the metal key for the Stone key?
  8. at the wall. I know only 1 clear and that is on the left of the hole at the top. but befor searching you must talk to him But i don t like one Thing i can t see the item in my backpack
  9. I have one more item for you On Route in Ancient Tomb is Ruin Maniac Artuhr and if you find 3 hidden Items on the wall of the room where he is you get the ``metal key``. I don t know what it does but i think you will need it for something. Thats what he say after you took the metal key.
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