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  1. Make sure to ask if you have any problems. Many helpful ppl here
  2. Images or whatever are mixed up.
  3. I disagree that Guild Island made the Guild Ladder uninteresting. This may apply on the Gold server but not on the Silver server. On Silver we have very interesting ladder fights.
  4. Hey, it seems there are 2 sources with different time ranges for the travel to Faraway Island. Here in the forums it is 12am to 13am while on the PRO Wiki it is 12pm to 13am. On the PRO Discord was a guy who couldn't interact with the Lapras. He used the forums time stamp - maybe thats why, but hard to say if we don't know which one is true. If its wrong in the Forums, please correct it. If its wrong on the Wiki, please let it me know. I will then correct it.
  5. Hey, thats the exact right spot to post that :3 If you you need, here is a small introduction in some main parts of the stuff happening around the game. :) Since we have a new interpret story, you will most probably be stuck somewhere in-game. We have a Help chat in-game you can always use and we also moderate there often, but sometimes is no one around. Check out our Guide sub-forum in this case, those guides already cured countless desperate souls and calmed down many mad minds - especially for story stuff. Besides story stuff we also have guides for probably any bigger not story related in-game quest. Made by the community for the community. :P We also have a PRO Wiki, it is not in a shape we could call it finished and you should not trust the mentioned spawns there, but else there is much useful information. Usually stuff is described a bit more detailed there if you are a fan of knowing every detail of your subject. Forums Mainly player - staff communication in all forms, help, concerns, suggestions and more, but also community interactions and info board. If you should ever have a question you can't find a answer to, you can always ask in our General Support area and our CC's will be glad to help you - we know everything. :smirk: Else here are a few of the more important sub-forums: Announcements If there is anything new in the game it will be announced here. The Update Log and the News Board are the most important sub-forums. Resolution Center includes general help, bug reports, ban appeals, complaints and all this stuff Rules If you plan to stay a bit longer you should take a look at them - seriously :D Trade Zone We have a trade chat in-game, but in the forums you can usually see some more rare and/or over the top Pokémon, but also services can be found here (Training, Dex service, Ev-Training etc.) Maybe something more for later, but here are many treasures hidden waiting to be found :P Guilds If you are searching for a guild or want to promote your own. Suggestions For... suggestions. :P But, I mean... you could also look at the forum main page and scroll through and you will see what we have. Discord For community interaction besides the forums, feel free to join our Official Discord Server. There is a nice All chat where you can talk about any kind of stuff. From time to time we also have events here. But also news and maintenance's will be announced there. Also for any questions you can also ask them there in the Support channel. Often faster than our General Support, but answers are often held shorter since everything is a bit faster in real time chats. ^^ So far so good. I let the rest for you to explore. If you have any questions, feel always free to ask. :)
  6. Hey, sorry for the late reply. This topic was a bit lost as it was posted in the guide section. :P Bosses have indeed set IV's and EV's. Iv's are always on 31, Ev's are set depending on the difficulty level of the boss. On easy bosses have no Ev's, on medium they have all over 252 and on hard they have all over 400 Ev's. If you want to learn more about bosses, feel free to take a look at our Wiki: http://prowiki.info/index.php?title=Bosses Do you have any further questions? ~ Xylos
  7. Hey Yarrevlis, from what I see, you never owned a Charmander with a special form. You have a Squirtle and Bulbasaur with a special form instead. Do you have any additional information about it? Was it your OT, do you remember the nature? ~ Xylos
  8. Hey Nov4tO266, we have several ways to make some quick money. Generally it is more a advantage when you are a bit ahead in story instead of being behind because you have more options to make money. I can highly suggest Dig Spots which can be found in Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh which give you all kind of valuable items like Pearls or Nuggets, Mushroom spots in Petalburg Woods which give you some nice ammount of Shrooms you can re-sell and Excavation sites which are spread in Hoenn which contain rare Pokémon. And of course Bosses, a boss run can bring you easily 500k, bosses are hard at the beginning but with some experience you will gain a huge amount of money.. Here is also a money making guide if you want to take a look at it: <https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/28798-url> Do you have any further questions? ~ Xylos
  9. I will lock this topic as it got resolved. For future references, you can report such stuff in our report center: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/index.php?forums/report-center.39/ ~ Xylos
  10. Hey Skiilloux, unfortunately we can not change your username without a important valid reason. We offer this services under special circumstances from time to time. However, we do not offer this service at the moment and we can't say when we have that again. If you want to wait for the next time we offer that stuff, you can inform yourself in a thread: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/119370-url You still have the option, if you want, to play the story on the other server in case you haven't yet. Otherwise you will have to create a new account. Sorry for that. Do you have any other questions in regards of this topic? Regards Xylos
  11. Okay, nice. I'll close this topic then. ^^
  12. Yo! Best way to find our may be the update log I guess ^^
  13. Hey Patate, I'm sorry for this very late reply. Please try to fight any Pokémon on a location which is not Love Island. Also, double check if you really have full happiness with the command /happy Let me know if you had success. Regards Xylos
  14. Hey Mich1996, thank you for reporting this bug. I have forwarded it to a mapper, it is this spot you are referring to, isn't it? ~ Xylos
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