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  1. Where are you from?: USA How old are you?: 25 How much playtime do you have on PRO (including alternate accounts if any)?: 280 hours Has the game improved since you first joined? If yes, how?: Yes, moves getting coded and whatnot. In terms of content I can't really say since I haven't been around for any events or major patches Is there a staff member or player who you feel is underrated?: Not that I know of, I just don't know many people outside the guild If you could change one thing about PRO, what would it be (no restrictions, be creative)?: I want fly outside of battle as much as any
  2. Hi lol Also, Flygon for battle boss in place of gardevoir. Just sayin
  3. Finally finished the team. Working through bosses now. May want to add that against Misty with Gengar, you should probably just tbolt the Milotic lol. It takes like 3 mirror shots to KO gengar. Against all the kanto bosses this worked flawlessly.
  4. Doesn't matter for this guide. Aftermath could be bad if you for some reason weaken the mon you're setting up on, but if it faints its kinda moot anyway
  5. Just a few notes about Amity Square 1.) I spent at least six hours there hunting Drifloon a couple days ago (10 total), didn't see a single Buneary. Its t6 so I feel like it isn't just luck. Unless different patches have different spawns there. 2.) Why is drifloon so hard to find? I only encountered like 5 in 10 hours, its like a t9. I also didnt see a single Pachirisu, which is also t8. 3.) According to the Reborn bot, Kricketune has two different spawns in the same location. If Drifloon is meant to be one of the most difficult hunts, thats fair. But I was literally tearing my
  6. NP, only con i can think of is it might encourage evolving at 50 which just isnt a good idea.
  7. I haven't gotten into PvP yet, but it makes sense. I don't see how this could possibly harm the ranked scene, and it would help get people interested in PvP. Would be a positive change overall. +1
  8. Hi! I had an idea while endlessly running from remote hunting spots to pokecenters to check my catches. (I get excited, don't judge me) I'd love it if the game allowed us to "catch and release" after examining a recently caught pokemon's data. I'm assuming the only reason the /release command only works in pokecenters is to help avoid mistakes, but having the ability to keep our party clear while hunting would be a godsend. I don't know if its feasible since I'm not a coder, but to a layman it seems like it would be easy enough. It would help anyone who is trying to hunt for pokemon base
  9. Gible spawn is fine. I went to the moon with 30 super repels and spent about 1.5hrs there. Caught 14, one was near-epic. I can easily make my money back without selling the good one too. Of all the t8s to complain about, I don't see why its this one.
  10. No, the best place in Johto to train is Dragons Den (or shrine if you have access). I was there to catch froakies.
  11. What is your IGN? -- JoeExotic What is your Discord? -- Phryme How old are you? -- 25 How many hours do you have? -- 137 How much of a interest do you have in PvP on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very weak, 10 being very strong)? -- 9 Do you know the difference between IV's and EV's (Just a Yes or No)? -- Yes Do you know Pokemon Showdown? If yes, What is your IGN on Showdown? -- JoeExotic Which Pokemon is your favorite in general(Could be for design, stats, whatever reason :] )? -- Gardevoir Which Pokemon is your favorite for PvP? -- Celesteele
  12. I can understand if my luck was bad, but my friend spent like 6 hours there, only on land, usually during the morning. (Hunting Sylveon and Scyther). She never saw one either. I know the wiki is outdated, I'm just saying I checked literally everything to be sure I wasn't crazy lol. I definitely use the discord bot as a primary source of info.
  13. Can this be addressed? Like, his range be reduced or have him not move? Not sure if it was intentional or not, hes just incredibly frustrating. If you don't time running up the steps right, he blocks your way and you're softlocked until you completely leave the area and reload the map, unless there's another way to the pit i don't know about.
  14. Hey guys, I spent the past couple hours in the exclusive zone, was hoping to find a decent marill there since its a t4 spawn according to the discord bot and wiki. After a couple hours I'd found a chansey (t8), two scythers (t8), an umbreon (t9), and two tynamos (t9). I hadn't found a single marill. I was hunting in grass, as marill is a tier lower there. I know two hours is a pretty small sample size, but I found it really weird that I got multiple much rarer pokemon without a single sighting of a marill. My friend told me she had never seen one there, and she spent far more time
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