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  1. I don't really feel like replying anymore because clearly you guys don't care about making the game fun, just for it to be annoying. Just replying because this is not what I said, I did name several ways to goldsink in the game including raising the price of balls, repels, etc. Literally everything you can raise the price on is considered a gold sink, regardless if you don't like it being so. I think the tax on cerulean cave is a great suggestion according to your philosophy, since everyone here seems to love the game being annoying to play so it would go right in line with that, also you should pay 2k everytime you hop on the bike. Just because the game is annoying right now it doesn't mean it's ok and that the game can't be made more fun. Whatever, it's just not for me anymore and that's fine, at least I tried.
  2. Cerulean Cave entrance should cost 5k pokedollars. We need more money sinks in the economy, it will make the game better for all of us. Enough of having easy game with 0 challenge, time to put a tax on Cerulean Cave.
  3. They last you a year because you aren't just using them whenever for convenience because there is a cost. Let's say you go to Saffron to fight the Koichi boss and you have your 999 ropes are you going to use rope to go back to the Center or walk? Obviously you will walk or you will be out of ropes in a week. The only impact on the economy of having this Super Rope is that you now have more time to do other things instead of walking. The cost itself is not so relevant. If it is true that their impact is so minimal (as you claimed) then the upfront cost I suggested would be more than enough to cover some perceived impact to the economy anyways. My suggestion of 1m would be the same as buying 2 years worth of ropes (1800+) from your calculations there. This means there is 0 impact on the economy. Now to answer your question, yes "make X more expensive" is the definition of a gold sink. Balls, repels, tickets, etc. You can increase each of these by 10%/20% if you want people to lose money. You can put a tax on Ceru cave for 1k everytime someone enters it. When people start using other place like Pink island or whatever you put a tax there too. There's your gold sinks. This is literally a non-problem. Reduce box space in the pc to 5 and make every new box cost 1M gold. If you want to burn gold in the game and make the game more annoying it's literally so easy. It's like people here are alergic to having fun or something. I wonder what people think about a ceru cave tax lmao
  4. It's not about me. It's just boring and uninteresting and it would be cool to see something different. This is an attempt at creating deeper and more interesting gameplay, that's all. It's just a suggestion, you can just say -1 and move on. I just wanted to give this idea to make the game better for most people who don't bother to speak and just quit out of boredom. If you all enjoy a boring stale game then keep going I guess? Keep asking yourself why most people don't even bother to start pvp, why player numbers going down etc. One day you'll get it
  5. Maybe the reason the playerbase is small is because noone wants to bother to get a bunch of godly pokes just to learn pvp? This is solved by having a bunch of game modes that are easier to get into. I was honest in admitting my ignorance about pvp, however this game is really simple and every fundamental there is to be learned is learned in a couple of days. Everything else is just minutia about what moves are used/meta and how they interact. In just a small amount of time I already can see how boring pvp must be in the highest levels, so surely players also stop playing there for the same reasons mentioned that the game is boring and stale. You claim the playerbase is small, I am telling you why that is the case and how to fix that problem. I guess it's easier to refuse to give a proper argument like everyone else here. You guys probably have thousands of hours invested and want the game to succeed but are just not capable of understanding what holds this game back. I don't care, this is kind of a parting gift from me anyways. You're all welcome.
  6. It's boring and dumb. The game is designed for 7 year olds, the balance is simply not there. Pro should have its own set of rules and its own balancing in terms of numbers to make the game somewhat interesting so there is more interaction. One-shots have a place of course but shouldn't be so prevalent. Also keep in mind this would be a different game mode, you can still play your oneshot vs stall smogon copypaste meta in the regular game mode, noone would be forcing you to change. While you will come here to argue against me because you're afraid of something new, all the people who quit this game are the ones who agree with me without ever saying a word. I am the one who bothered to come here and explain it. Think on that.
  7. There are a million ways to invent new money sinks so that's irrelevant. Just raise the price of the subway pass 50% for example and there's your one of a thousand money sinks. I know people can just logoff and login but that's annoying and inconvenient. Why play a game to be annoyed?
  8. I don't know much about pvp but I've seen enough to see this is in an absolute state and can easily be improved. 2 new PVP modes: #1 p.r.o. mode: -Get rid of most one shot and stall -Change the way damage numbers interact so most one shots don't happen anymore without buffing and most stall is not worth it -Change the numbers however you see fit and create a new meta instead of relying on everyone copying whatever smogon and being stuck on boring metas #2 new mode: -Only pokes under 120IV allowed -Max 26 on each IV -Lower rewards -Only pre-evo forms allowed
  9. Once you have max rank in Poke Doctor system, you now get a new perk: You can re-assign EVs of certain pokes. Requirements and limitations: -Have doctor rank -Have a lvl100 poke with 510 EVs already trained -24h cooldown What it does: You can allocate those EVs however you want for that one poke.
  10. New item: Super Escape Rope What it does: -Allows you to teleport back to pokecenter (unlimited charges) Requirements/limitations: -Have to complete some kind of mega quest and pay 1m -Must have X hours playtime (maybe 500 or 1k) -Maybe some other requirements -Has a 2h cooldown
  11. That's such a stupid thing to say. The only reason I am here is to give a suggestion on how to make the game better for everyone. The only thing these systems accomplish is to frustrate players and make them stop playing. I can also say that the fact player numbers have dropped massively shows that your ideas aren't really working very well, are they? Nevermind, why do I try. Just log into a different account and do what I have to do. Feel free to delete any suggestions that try to make the game more fun from now on and remind me in 2 years how many players are still in this game. Cheers.
  12. You want to try saying something of substance instead of insulting smartass?
  13. If I want to abuse and boost I will do it anyways, it's not the cooldown that will stop it.
  14. What is the point of this other than waste time?
  15. Yea well no offense, I think 99.99% of people don't fear an auction house, I think you're just wrong about that. Maybe there isn't even a single person in the world like that lol Appreciate the rest of response, just had to disagree with that one take lol I played a few years ago and then stopped and came back etc so I'm not the most hardcore player or anything by far (that's just to say I don't really know the prices of things all that well) but when I came back I noticed more people complaining about how the economy is dead and imo that would largely be fixed with an AH. Right now it's not worth your time to trade anything less than epic/godly but it doesn't have to be that way, you could just post your average poke to the AH that some player might want to get for cheap and forget about it; it would give a new impetus to the economy outside of the best pokes. For example are you really going to spend 1 week spamming your decent (not epic or anything) pichu on trade just to get what? 10,20k? Not to mention having to learn the prices and so on. Might as well just release and go do bcc on your 3 alts. Meanwhile maybe some player wants that so they get a somewhat decent pikachu to do jesse boss with. Or maybe they just want to goof around in pvp with some average cheap poke to see how it plays. It's a waste of time to participate in the economy if you're not a whale. Since the game actively tries to waste your time a lot, I guess that would be the only good argument to use against an AH. It wouldn't waste your time? It blows my mind there is no AH in this game but it is what it is, no point in me crying over it just wanted to know if there was any kind of argument against it because I like to argue lol; hf all
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