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  1. Looks great. If you want the best price you should definitely auction it on Forum. Should not be less than 20M, not sure about the upper limit here.
  2. It's a great Makuhita/soon-to-be Hariyama. Adamant is great and 4x31 22+ is close to perfect. All 3 abilities of Hariyama can indeed be useful in PvP (though I would prefer Guts, personally). However, we will have to take into account the fact that no one plays Hariyama in PRO's PvP, plus its tier is Uncommon. So, this will mostly have high value in the eyes of collectors. If you want transparent pricing, always consider auctioning it on Forum. Give the General Trade Rules and Auction Rules a read before starting your 1st auction: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/161-pro-rules/ (Personally, I'd say a few low millions Pokedollar for it sounds about right)
  3. Huge +1. This is the biggest thing I feel is missing in PRO tbh. If they can make a similar system then the game is approaching perfection in my book :]
  4. Not really a must, but sounds helpful, so +1. Usually I let the Poke I don't want to accidentally delete to hold a Berry, so maybe changing the coding so that you can't release a Poke holding an item is also feasible and less work for the dev to do.
  5. Join PRO's Discord: https://discord.com/invite/98pMNxq And check out PRO's wiki: https://wiki.pokemonrevolution.net/index.php?title=Main_Page along with Forum's guides: https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/forum/13-game-guide/ Those can help you out if you have any questions while doing the game's story. Have a great time in PRO :]
  6. +1. I like both changes u added. Have always prefered to go to Smogon to check stats in the past, and had to go to Bulbapedia to check the EV yield. This will make the in-game Pokedex much better to look at.
  7. You are free to double roll other legendaries if you are satisfied with your 1st one, there is no limit (within 10 tickets).
  8. I know they want to add a different item, but that would dilute the purpose of adding Knockout drops earlier, while using Knockout drops would achieve the same result, albeit a bit longer. It's "let your sync hold that item then escape rope to heal" vs "escape rope then use knockout drop on your sync" for the same result. Knockout drops was added as both a QOL item and money sink, similar to how Releasing Pokemon on the spot was added with a fee. I just don't see the chance for them to add an item that could conflict with Knockout drops, while might or might not be a money sink itself.
  9. They already added Knockout Drops to faint your Syncs, so that should cover your concern: It's a disposable item so it works as a money sink in the game. Just escape rope then use Knockout drop on your sync. You are paying for your convenience here.
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