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  1. Hello, as title said, what wrong ? i collected all the eggs from kanto and go ask egg master, but it said "come back when you've found some egg!" please help?
  2. Hello! I collected all the egg in kanto, and i speak to egg master, i didnt get any reward, is this a bug?
  3. Hello, as title said, please help, its annoying when the player you hate pop out when he/she online but its not in your friend list, how can this be solve, thanks. Regards.
  4. Hello everyone, I just realize that this move didn't have a tutor, and this move is quite useful for pvp too. Is it possible to add it in the future? Just asking :P Regards
  5. Hello, I want to invite reborn to my server but it seems the link https://reborn.pokemonrevolution.net/about 's "invite now" didn't show a server to Authorize... What can i do? i really need a reborn in my private server..
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