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  1. Alright, thank you for your response. I will try again the next few days.
  2. Hi exotyc, i wanted to see if you had time to look into this issue. I tried using my newly made alt and i get the same error, which makes me think that it's not related to a password change . Is there any other way for me to join the test server ?
  3. Thank you so much for the response. Unfortunately, i don't remember changing my password, i did change my email though. As such, I can't try this suggestion because I don't remember having another password. Is there another way to connect ?
  4. I tried again with my newly made alt and it still wont work Please, anyone know a fix for this ?
  5. Hi I would love to join you guys. I am galaxyor from phoenix and was thinking about joining new leaf with my alt to play with you guys again! 1. IGN: Galaxyorhermes 2. about 10 hours for now on this account but i am very active. 3. My favorite pokemon is volcarona 4. I really enjoy hunting, trading, PVE (doing bosses ), and i am starting to play a bit in pvp too. 5. I am 19 for now. I hope to see you all again on discord soon!
  6. I tried to log in multiple times in the test server yesterday, this morning and tonight. However, it keeps giving me this error message : Yesterday, it gave me this but then it started saying connection lost instead after a while. I tried to ask for help on the discord server, and i tried the following things: - Turn off and on the pc - Try to connect through a vpn - try to connect on my phone None of those things solved my issue. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks for your help so far. P.S: connecting to gold and silver servers works.
  7. Done. thanks for trusting us! 4 regions
  8. Thank you for trusting us . One account hoenn + sinnoh.
  9. I just got the exact same problem. It still doesnt work for me. i can log in in gold but not silver.
  10. Story service finished for two accounts. Thank you for trusting us.
  11. Hey , I am interested in a timid sync please. Edit : i got one already sorry
  12. Ok i get it thank you anyway
  13. I was swiping down to choose what ball to use and by mistake it pressed on master ball on a trash poke. Is it possible to release the poke and get the master ball back please? I know have a trash Wobbuffet in a master ball :(
  14. Oh! Thank you I got it back, I feel quite stupid rn haha.
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