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  1. i'm at silver server at the moment. i can ping you when i transfer back to gold if you want. it will still be free by then. it'll take a few weeks tho
  2. Sent you a request on discord. See you soon
  3. In translation, hp fire cannot be max speed and the title is suggesting a different story
  4. That's not the point. It's an amazing poke an 30spd is nearly just as perfect. Why the need to lie saying max then showing a 30 spd poke.
  5. Why lie man? Why write max spd for 30spd poke. This type of topics needs to banned.
  6. Jolly Charizard was sold and removed from shop. Thank you!
  7. 5m2 Late edit: a friend has warned me that my offer came late and the previous bid wins the auction already. Sorry for the mistake on my behalf
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