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  1. Started End Time - 2:19am 3/3/24 IST GMT+5.30
  2. C.O. 350k by Axaero Min Bid 50k Insta 700k Ends in 48hrs from start End Time - 2:19am 3/3/24 IST GMT+5.30 Accepts Pokedollars only
  3. I can even let go of that, just being unable to boss from multiple accounts at least will break my heart :') Nerfing is fine but this (bossing nerf) will be a mega nerf, especially for new players, the rich people will have a big advantage from that move because they will already have tonnes of money in their banks. New players or not-so-old-players like me can grind now and make money and be rich but this change will take that away. If you have 500m and I have 5m, you will definitely be happy for this change because reaching that position will be next to impossible after the update. P.S. - I just stated my reason why I am against the boss nerf move, nothing to you personally.
  4. Everything is fine, just not the limit of bossing to one character. Nerf it but don't nerf straight from 4 to 1. Can do 3. Also, trading between characters should be allowed.
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