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  1. i'm sort of in a hard spot with money in game. i did all the officer jenny quests and fought virtually every trainer i can access in kanto. i need some money for the subway quest line so! i'll buy whatever mount currently in the shop for you! this offer is only for one person, so first come first serve. also selling ghost outfit #13!! tell me your offers! and as a sidenote, i'm stuck in kanto. you'll have to come to me if you're in another region. :))
  2. I've been on a Pokemon kick again and I've been playing over on the Silver server. I'm currently on the Celadon Team Rocket base stuff with my 4 Mons being level 40 ish. One thing I don't seem to understand though when looking at the details of Pokemon are these. I know the white numbers are the current stats and the blue are EV's. So, the orange must be IV's. But I notice rarely any of the mons I see being sold have anywhere near perfect 31's all across. Is there a reason for that? Just curious! Can't wait to see everyone in game!
  3. someone suggested that i get into a guild or a discord on my welcome thread, so i figured it would be a good idea to at least ask! i know a lot from what i need required a long time playing, which i don't have. not on PRO, anyway. as a whole, i've been playing pokemon since i was 4, and i'm 21 now, so! i just need a biiit of guidance since things are done differently here and such! so, i dunno if i qualify for any guild at current, but i might as well toss this out here!
  4. so, we all hyped for the new games! i got paint tool sai 2 earlier, so i was messing around with the brushes and such! here's what i came up with today!
  5. Thank ya! And aaay, JoJo icooon.
  6. Thank you! I can't wait to get deeper into it!
  7. Hiya! My name's Raptor. Ya'll can call me Raps if you want! I've been a Pokemon fan since I was around four years old, and I found this yesterday! I've been itching to play a Pokemon game again, and I'm really like PRO so far! I'm trying to get my boyfriend in on it by having him download the app, but it seems we're having technical difficulties. I hope I can find a way around em. This community seems pretty friendly, so if you have any tips for a newbie here on PRO, lemme know!
  8. I am unsure if the servers are down, but whenever I tried to connect on my phone, I just kept instantly getting 'connection lost'.
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