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  1. trade done with @Jadeash all trades has been done now. ty all for some good offers;)
  2. Hey staff. @Manbat @Mbk… can we get a Force on the shadow slowpoke with @Thuan2k3 . The final offer is 275k for shadow slowpoke. We cant meet in game. After the force is done i Will transfer to silver and Trade with @Jadeash myself. Ty in advance
  3. Alright. Then i Will Trade with @Thuan2k3 first and then i transfer to silver to Trade with @Jadeash @Thuan2k3 Im at work right now. I Will be Home at 9 pm gmt+1. Write to me over discord or here Noahh#1169
  4. now i just need to trade with @Jadeash @Thuan2k3. @Thuan2k3 what server are u on?
  5. now i just need to trade with @Jadeash @Ashes55 @Lacomus. are any of u on gold server?
  6. are u on gold mate. i will trade with players who are on gold first
  7. shiny Staraptor: Winner 125k by @Suncity (traded) valentine form ralts: Winner 250k by @Ashes55 valentine form starly: Winner 225k by @Jadeash valentine form budew: Winner 500k by @Uxxelmon (traded) shadow slowpoke. Winner 275k by @Thuan2k3 these poeple are the Winners. I am on Gold now. Can the players who won tell me if they are on Gold. I Will Trade with the players who are on Gold server first and then silver after. Write here or pm me on discord. Noahh#1169
  8. Sry mate. Something came up irl. I Will setup the Trade tmr for everyone. Sry for the wait u all.
  9. Auction has ended for all pokemons i Will setup the b.o and then i will Trade with the bidders who are on Gold first and then silver. Pm me on discord Noah#1169
  10. @Zenaclan mate. u need to look at what the c.o is before u bid. i have written it on page 1. vday starly C.o 225k by @Jadeash. and ralts C.o 150k by @Medu5a. so your 75k bid on starly and 150k on ralts is not valid. u have to bid more then the c.o. minimun bid is 25k. gl and have fun
  11. c.o for shiny staraptor is 75k atm. gl and have fun. i have updated the c.o of all pokemons on the front page.
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