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  1. @Siidonhas won the auction for poocheyana. @Boomsmoke and @Danhpham345 am afraid you both made the offers after the auction time was up. @Siidon let me know when you can come online and on which server.
  2. Poocheyana c.o-240k danhpham345 Min bid-10k No insta Duration-48hrs after the first bid Gastly s.o-300k Min bid-50k No insta Duration -48hrs after the first bid
  3. @King194 has won the auction. @Cosanostra420 am afraid ur offer is invalid as the auction time was up before you made the offer.
  4. S.o-350k brokenart No insta Min bid-50k Duration-48hrs from the first bid
  5. Seedot chloro sold to @Isildurr2x Which server r u on and let me know when u can come on
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