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  1. The issue is resolved thank you . You may close this topic
  2. I had mysterious ticket from previous world quest. I used it and went to birth island. In birth island there is not even a single Pokemon. If I come back from birth island I will loose a mysterious ticket. Pls do something
  3. Hp water S.o-300k(zafei) Instant-2mil Duration-36hours Minimum bid-100k
  4. Ya sure ,I forgot to put that up, thank u for the reminder
  5. Accept cc and rerolls at(420k and 720k) Minimum bid 200k Starting-2m Ends -48 hours after 1st bid Instant-6m
  6. Sure I have been trying to find u ig
  7. Starting-3m by moethchdn Min bid -200k Instant-7m Accept CCs and reroll (420k/720k) Duration 48houra after first bid
  8. Looofor sassy ha hp fire epic tangela or evos
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