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  1. Its just that, many many and too many people play showdown, its in % there, so most of the pvpers that llay pro and showdown are used to percentage, and idk HOW it will lead to miscalculation, both are nice and ty for the support man
  2. Already suggested dw https://pokemonrevolution.net/forum/topic/167426-battle-windowlog-improvements/
  3. +1, one of the best suggestions related to pvp, i was about to include this in my own suggestion but you already did this, thanks again
  4. I would like to suggest some things that can be added to the battle window and logs 1. Turn Number Wouldn't it be nice if we had turn numbers written in the battle log? Counting turns in the current log in very very difficult as there is nothing that indicates which turn is going on, how many turns left for taunt for ware off, etc. Etc. 2. Weather/trick room duration Now this will make weather/trick room users very happy as they won't need to keep counting for how many turns its gonna end 3. Hp percentage mode As the name suggests, the hp sho
  5. Long time ago wally told me on pro discord server that he saw the suggestion and didn't answered intentionally, though i'll keep on bumping I do have high hopes for the "yet"
  6. Hello guys Mewland is organising a doubles battle showdown tournament (PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THREAD) Everyone is welcome, from both servers Entry fee is 20k pokedollars Note: 2nd and 3rd prize winners will have to Transfer to silver if they are in gold 1st prize winner can have the prize in any server according to her/his choice PRIZES: 1st prize Cc + loppuny + 10rc 2nd Cc+ Karrablast 3rd 200k+torkoal (Photos of the mons are given below) DATE: 23rd of December, 2020 RULES > Ranked pvp rules are ap
  7. I chose a look but it didn't got saved and i am a baldy now with nothing Ew
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