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  1. Thanks for rhe suggestion. And also thanks for the reward
  2. What if you need 2 legendaries of the same trio/duo urgently for pvp? But you can't disagree that silver completes wq pretty quickly. It lasts for more than 12h very rarely Or fail That's too rare
  3. The only way to get the counterparts of the legendaries you already have is the world quest. Which happens at the same time every month. Many people are unable to do it because of the time zone problem It would be nice if there was another way to get the counterparts of the legendaries you have. Or Maybe another way to get mysterious tickets! Maybe another quest where you Submit a certain amount of a particular pokes (like wq) Or defeat some certain special bosses or do quests like gengarite
  4. https://youtu.be/pmanD_s7G3U Gurenge is the best japanese song
  5. Don't know why but the button "start a new topic" is not appearing when trying to report
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