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  1. First, idk where the heck you hiding the voting tutor at, it's obviously at somewhere where ppl not even noticed about. Second, why not make spawn set reset every 72 hours instead of RNG ( which equal to 1 bms duaration, like ppl active bms to hunt for a specific set then it sudden change to next set within next 12 hours would be really upset tbh ), and pls make sure that it wont repeat the old set.
  2. Aurorus have to learn all status moves/ non dmg moves, check my suggestion moveset
  3. to clarify sableye last step. NPC will give you dialog with 2 main option. option 1: Dig the ground to find gem stone, Option 2: collect the gem. if you dig to many times, the gem will broke and you have to wait 30 mins cooldown. If you collect too early, you wont able to get the gem and have to wait 5 mins cooldown. For me ( this should be random for everyone) if I dig more than 5 times, the gem will broke. That's mean I have to collect in either 1,2,3,4,5 times using dig. the exact mount of times you have to dig is random ( for me it's 3, dig 4 or 5 times wont work)
  4. mawile quest start at valley of steel eastern peak. pinsir stone as reward when winning bug catching contest, not sure how many times. aerodatyl stone by exchange artifact pidgeot quest start at viridian city medicham quest start at mr pyre metagross quest start at steven house at mossdeep city That is all the information I got for now this is a picture of all founded mega stone atm
  5. Sableye quest, start at diamond domain B1F. step 1: talk with this npc step 2: catch a fresh new sableye, iv, nature wont matter. Bring it to NPC and wait 1 hour IRL. step 3: prepare a high lv aurorus, my recomendation: lv 70+, move set: toxic, protect, rest, 1 random status move. CAN BORROW FROM FRIEND ( make sure this is the only poke in your party) step 4: beat a lvl 100 sableye with it step 5: bring 1 pokemon with move "Scald", 1 pokemon with move "Rock smash" step 6: kinda RNG, myself have to select "push" the gem 5 times then collect it, might be random for anyon
  6. I really don't know why we keep having a monthly tournament with insane reward while the ingame reward completely garbage compare to players effort and there is literally 0 competitve environment for top 25 players since you only get 5 extra coins for getting 1 higher rank. LUL. Staff keep saying that they want to have a fair advantage to all players and then we have a super dead and uncompetitve ingame queue. ppl with troll team can make it to top 25 easily, competitive players stop PvP after a certain rating because there is no point to climb into higher rank just to get few ext
  7. I just want to give opinion about the current boxes. hlw boxes or Mystery Boxes are currently designed so poorly which make ppl don't have any excitement while opening those items. the price is ok but what inside those boxes are completely trash. Why don't we have a better boxes with better items and better RNG. ppl love hunting because of RNG, RNG is fun and addicted. So why we can't have a box with unique skins, clothes, mounts (smt that worth mils of poke$ on market)...etc even though 90% of other items are trash. A mount with 0,1% to get through box is also a nice idea
  8. Accept 1cc = 400k 1rr = 700k Discord: Yellow#6932 Shiny/form: PvP poke: Trained: Non-trained: SOLD LIST:
  9. Oopsie, pls I need to get my keldeo back. ID: 42314871 Sv: Gold
  10. Let's start with the reason why the current team preview need a slightly rework; First, the current team preview was put in chat channel where a tons of random text, messages can show up anytime to wipe team preview away and you need yo scroll down to search for it which kinda annoying unless u dont give a fk about OP poke while pvp at all. Second, I showed in text message which 100% give you slower reaction time than in image. Third, It provide less info than it should. If u played Showdown, team preview should have ability to tell you which O
  11. Hi, ID: 41315344 , I released my lando by accident while training it, can you help me take it back
  12. S.O: 10m Insta: 15m auction 72 hours accept: 1cc = 420k, 1rr = 700k
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