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  1. S.O: 200k Insta: 3m auction: 24h after first bid accept: 1cc = 380k
  2. i am online atm or you can pm me through discord Yellow#6932
  3. S.o: 5m Insta: 12m Auction: 48 Hours after first bid Accept: 1 cc = 350k 1 rr = 750k
  4. Don't know if this is related to spawn or not, but can you add some wild spawn with Salac berry drop chance. The last time walros said he will add new way to get salac berry was like 6 months ago during a QAA stream but that never happens. So I think the most simple way to do it with wild spawn where ppl can at least farming salac berry.
  5. you seem not clearly understand what i'm trying to say. tell me how many of them appeared in top 3 ladder since first wave of mega release. And how many of them played enough games to fully aware about current PRO meta stage. even they got top 20 with 100% winrate doesnt prove that they know what happening within the meta, which make me think top 1,2,3 should be players played enough games and also good at PvP. it's because none of the council even try to asking walros for better statistics and they don't give a sht about it. So, due to the huge skill gap between top players and random one, normally you can always maintain at much higher wr than 50%. which mean, if you pull out stats about greninja from only decent players, the wr always high no matter which poke they were playing. So the better way is to compare greninja winrate with others pokemon from those decent players. So if they ever asking walros to pull out statistic of all 400+ rating battle ( ofc only take stats of that 400+ rating team and not their OP) then I guess it would be close enough for you to tell gren is broken or not. Or it can be statistics from any definition of "good players" you want. when you say statistics dont have a big saying, it's just you never try to make it works. Also, it's true that if everyone using gren, it will have 50% rn no matter what. but here is 2 ways to do that, 1 remove all stats from mirror poke, 2 compare it to similar usage pokemon. yes, I found this kind a topic a long time ago, let's me give you better example. If damwon gaming, the best league team can play renekton with 100% wr and won world but the other team never have any success playing this champ, then renek is broken or not? so your example only correct when you assume everyone playing with different level and my example is right if we put it in highest competitive level. Which mean, if we have more insightful stats from top players like I mentioned above then isn't it better to wait for everyone to learn the pokemon. it's also enough from me, I wont say anything about this anymore. the result isn't as expected from the council but the cause of walros decision actually from PvP council. everyone know since the aegi ban, council put incredible pressure on him. In fact, i'm quite happy with his final decision or at least he know how to deal with this toxic community. But after all, everything I wrote is not about blaming council, I just want better members who are fully aware about this game, not showdown.
  6. I didn't say reaching top 25 with high winrate is a bad sign. What I mean obviously that there are many more ppl can do the same and it doesn't prove that they have enough knowledge about PRO meta to become PvP council. Like how many of those PvP council actually peaked rank 1 at the end of season to provide more reliable about their voting? And if you really think PRO tournament on showdown share the same meta as PRO ladder ingame, you are super wrong. The reason I call them "showdown players" is because they playing the game on PRO showdown meta and voting base on smogon experience rather than ingame experience where those votes affect the most. And after all, if council want ppl to believe at what they said then why not spend their time on ingame ladder rather than bullshiting about what they thought and thinking that they are right. One of those council even said that PRO PvP statistics isn't reliable. that's right, his smogon's experience is even more accurate than PRO statistics Let's me ask you 1 simple question, if a pokemon you think are super ultra broken, but everyone ingame playing it so badly, make it's have like 40% winrate. But base on everything you calculated, that pokemon should be banned, Will you vote to ban that poke? yes or no? ppl voting Yes only care about what their thought because if that poke really broken why not wait until everyone else reach your level.
  7. Making tournament on Showdown is a mistake as Walros already realized that ppl start expecting PRO to become showdown ver 2 and call everything is imbalance and p2w. Recruiting ppl from that tournament to become pvp council is even a bigger mistake. In that case, I would rather let ppl reach high ladder ingame voting than someone who mostly pvp on showdown while only spent like 50 games monthly ingame to reach top 25 then stop and try to pretend they know everything about PRO meta. Every experienced players in this game can climb top 25 with all [heck] pokemon together. it's just the fact that staff never put enough competition in this game for players to force them get higher rank. If PRO ever remake their whole PvP council and recruiting ppl from top ladder each month I'm willing to take this game competitively rather than a joke at this current stage.
  8. Rain set lasted for almost 20 days already, are u even sure that you don't messed up with ur code??? like how tf is that even possible.
  9. it's because you don't kill delphox after 2 calm mind or missed rock slide in turn 4 ( sometimes +2 rockslide was not able to 1 shot delphox so in that case, using stone edge could be better but that only happened 1 time to me). yup, this could be better, might try that latter. this is what I don't agree with because you don't take any dmg on turn 1, using screens turn 1 only make your screens run out 1 turn faster than normal.
  10. Hello, Diancie chess puzzle is a super annoying part of Diancie quest. I made this guide to help ppl stop from suffering this badly designed quest and enjoy the game more. I found out this is my best strat to win with more than 80% wr. Due to RNG, technically you can miss everything so there will never be a guarantee win, but trust me, this is much better than almost any current strategy ppl using, I able to help 5 ppl won 5 times a row and super fast if u lucky enough. the first few turns always the same but can be different later, so my guide will only include the first 3 turns so ppl can stop asking why my board completely different than some youtube videos, gladly i'm here for u Turn 1: RNG doesn't matter Turn 2: RNG doesn't matter Turn 3: it's ok if you miss 90% acc rockslide on any those Yanmega but should pior to kill offensive yanmega first next turn in order ( jolly > modest > defensive nature). Also the miss Toxic on greninja is fine. Turn 4: from this turn, it will be slightly different for everyone so no Picture. You should move jolly Carbink to rock slide Delphox ( better not miss this 90% ) then use timid Carbink to atk jolly or modest yanmega with ancient power. both defense Carbink should try to toxic greninja. Turn 5+: atk bold ninjask with timid Carbink, then use everything you have left to kill greninja and don't forget to set up light screen again. This Poke have +2 eva so good luck.
  11. First, idk where the heck you hiding the voting tutor at, it's obviously at somewhere where ppl not even noticed about. Second, why not make spawn set reset every 72 hours instead of RNG ( which equal to 1 bms duaration, like ppl active bms to hunt for a specific set then it sudden change to next set within next 12 hours would be really upset tbh ), and pls make sure that it wont repeat the old set.
  12. Aurorus have to learn all status moves/ non dmg moves, check my suggestion moveset
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