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  1. Great suggestion , maybe the lootboxes should be purchasable for pvp / pve coins , maybe rewards for excavation so it would be less dead of a game mechanic , reward from a couple of bosses , limited time event reward , bcc reward etc... My favourite out of these ideas would definitely be buying with pvp / pve coins because they actually hold some value and would give these custom pokeballs good prices and help integrate them into the economy.
  2. -1 just because you suggested a mareanie spawn Jk , people who have reached the pinnacle of excavation in pro have been crying forever for a change or an update , which is well deserved. The current spawns are outdated and some of the mons can be hunted outside of excavation , so there is really no incentive to care about excavation . Updating the spawns to what you have suggested or something similar will also be a great way to integrate gen 8 pokemon slowly ( we still havent forgotted about that wishiwashi spawn and corsica island ) . The items do need a slight buff imo , but not to th
  3. Pretty sure adding weapon accessories will get pro into trouble since technically its target audience is children , just like with the actual pokémon games. Even though , let's say 80% (random number that is by no means correct) of pro's player base is 18+ , children still play the game so that idea is a out of the question imo , they do not want to walk on even thinner ice with nintendo than they already are. That aside , i'm really really digging the rest of clothes and accessory ideas , i do not know how this was not thought of before . Huge +1
  4. i hope the sick xmas lopunny gets better soon
  5. Maybe the spawns should be less about the theme , and more about the synch. Not gonna lie , most of the guild island spawns are absolute rubbish , guild island is definitely not the reason guilds compete for the top 3 spots ( And the fact that a guild can get into guild island using a ton of mysterious tickets is an absolute joke ). The only good spawn guild island has ever had (to my knowledge) was when the cave had these 3 pokémon in the same spot : sneasel , gligar , and gible . And for one reason , all of them share a common nature which is jolly. And from what i've witnessed
  6. Not having a practical UI makes it easier to lose focus and forget about things that actually matter in the battle . We also need things like weather turns counter , its annoying to keep the count yourself each game with how prominent weather teams are in pro. Battle log was a step in the right direction , this is the big next thing to do , +1
  7. Great work my guy , coming from a happy customer
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