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  1. @Shinohara this is a bit off topic , just one thing , calling someone a prick vs calling someone a [sausage] is like calling someone stupid vs calling them a dumbass , they are both insults but kind of don't have the same weight and aggression . Prick is closer to calling someone a jerk which isn't exactly an insult. I don't know what the guy said but I'm just saying . Urban dictionary ghabra out.
  2. staff alrleady get paid in coin capsules every once in a while if im not mistaken , not to mention the staff mons they get as a privilege.
  3. Everything you said is great and i agree with it. Just pointing out something that i honestly see as wrong here. Doing something for free does give you the right to be an ahole to whoever is enjoying the free service. You do not see volunteer workers who are picking up the trash in the park telling you : "move your [hecking] leg and, let me pickup that godamn can of soda from under the bench where your fatass is sitting , move over before i also pick you up as well like the trash you are" . Doing a free service is not an excuse to be an ahole, just wanted to make that clear since this is where this whole problem started.
  4. im hella poor but i agree
  5. I'm desperately waiting for some chad former staff or an OG player to come air some staff dirty laundry right now , because oh boy I've heard some juicy stuff.
  6. Okay first thing, we cannot exactly complain about the spawn rarity if we do not know the spawn rarity. I understand what Qeight suggested is an upgrade according to him and the rest of the staff and there is nothing wrong with that , but that doesn't leave much room for criticism now does it? The rates have always been obscure to the player base so we really cannot complain about that even if we wanted , I'm pretty sure shadow buffs / nerfs to spawn rates happen all the time without players knowing . The concept of this topic in itself is flawed , no offense but you're just trying to give us the illusion of having the freedom to criticize this topic . By this , I do not mean that the staff are using manipulative tactics , but literally no one in the player base has enough experience to be able to criticize Qeight's work . Unless he messed up with something BIG TIME , no one's opinion is more valuable than his opinion seeing how much he worked for this game , the efforts are much appreciated. But , what we can criticize is how poorly this was handled , its all summed up in what @makeitwitchu said earlier and what was deleted , which brings up my next point. I'm sorry you say transparent feedback , but how is it transparent feedback if constructive and valid criticism it's locked behind General Complaint Area . What kind of president has a private meeting with a news reporter about to interview him , and then all what was said is classified information? Yes this is true but arguments and feedback build upon each other. My arguments might be flawed , but they might be complement by the next person's argument. I might have missed an important point but another person might use my ideas as a basis for building a stronger thesis. At this point pro's community is like a miniature society. And you cannot have a society without having the press and the media. What you're doing is isolating the press and the media from the people , whose sole job is to represent the people . I understand that disrespectful and rude comments deserve to be deleted and punished , but what @makeitwitchu said earlier was on point. It's not off topic , it was spot on. He did not criticize or undermine the job the staff team or Qeight did , he just criticized the way this whole situation was handled , and what better place to do it than on the topic itself? As a last note , no offense , but a society cannot work if the judge , the jury and the executioner are all handled by the same entity.
  7. The effect (healing 50% hp under 1/4 hp) he mentioned is the gen 7 effect and was only introduced with gen 7 , they were indeed introduced in gen 3 but they were pretty useless and lackluster . So technically the berries he wants and he mentioned were introduced in gen 7.
  8. I think they just want to introduce them with the rest of gen 7 since that's the generation when they were actually introduced in game which is fair , let's just be patient.
  9. How about diglett / dugtrio mount? It always had a really funny way of moving by burrowing and unburrowing , it would look really goofy to ride. Diglett & Dugtrio - YouTube
  10. "Please officer i've been stealing for years and i cant imagine myself living without stealing anymore , please let me steal again , i don't want to honestly work" -1
  11. Reducing it would be nice , deleting it all together would be a bad idea, people will find some way to abuse it.
  12. No offense but how do you call yourself a freelance programmer while comparing titans like clash royale , cod and pubg to a small indie game created and maintained by 3 people?
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