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  1. Hello @Lighthollow I can't see any offer for the 600k you put there, I have edited it back. Currently the highest offer is @Gio with his starting offer here: Reminder, when an offer is received ingame you need to post the proper screenshot here, also you don't need to acknowledge every offer received on the forum, here is the rule: Please give the Auction Rules a read to avoid breaking any other rule in the future. ~Haruyukio
  2. @Lenox06 please do not discuss your ban in public, if you want to you can always open an appeal here. All 3 Pokemons has been forced to @Masejin . Since there is no more running auctions I will lock the thread. ~Haruyukio
  3. Hello everyone To clear the doubts, the winner of the 2nd Breloom should be @Donator with his starting offer here. Making all other offers invalid as they were after the 24 hours. also for the Togekiss,the legit buyer should be @Donator with his request to buy it here: I have forced these 2 trades. For the Armaldo, I can see it was saved by the players before any mess take place, thanks for that @Lenox06 You will be punished for breaking multiple Auction Rules, if there is any running auctions, please report it so TMODs can force them. ~Haruyukio
  4. Hello everyone Sorry for the inconvenience happened,auctioneer accidently released the auctioned pokemon ,the auction will continue, and will end normally on its ending time. ~Haruyukio
  5. Hello I have forced the trade to the legit winner of the auction is @Ngdevil with the 2.2M offer here: As @BllacKMasK's offer isn't valid becaue Coin Capsules aren't declared as a payment option from the beginning. @Sttrider, you have to update your thread once you receive the offer, keeping them in PMs is prohibited. Please give the Auction Rules a read and be careful in the future. ~Haruyukio
  6. Hello I have forced the pokemon to @Gonfreeeeeecs as both parties couldn't meet ingame. ~Haruyukio
  7. Hello For the Sylveon auction, the legit winner is @Lovevnd1 with the 1M offer. As according the Auction Rules; Also, @Kaitomew, make sure to include screenshot of offers done in-game; You will be punished for breaking the rules. And for the Sylveon, I have forced the trade to @Lovevnd1. ~Haruyukio
  8. Hello @Wakaranaii, According to the Auction Rules : That being said @Meen2's offer shouldn't be valid, as the offer before it was at 1:34PM GMT+2 adding 15 minutes, the ending should be 1:49PM GMT+2 ; which happened to be the same exact time you posted Meen2's offer. You will be punished for this. As for the auction, unfortunately I can't reverse or void it, as the circumstances for the reverse aren't met. ~Haruyukio
  9. Hello @Gb20052, You are only allowed to bump your thread once every 24 hours,please be careful in the future. Also, a reminder: Forum offers don't need to be acknowledged.
  10. Hello I have forced the trade to @Renji333 as he is the legit winner. By common sense, in-game offers count when they are posted on the thread not when they are received in the DMs. @Thedev, you multiple Auction Rules in here you are punished for that. ~Haruyukio
  11. Hello The rightful winner for the Electrike should be @Jamejamejame285 with the 150k offer. As the auction originally should have ended at 8/25/2022 4:59AM GMT+2 , and his offer was at 8/25/2022 4:54AM GMT+2, applying the 15 minutes rule; the ending point of the auction became 5:09AM GMT+2, that makes @gaygodx 's offer at 5:12AM GMT+2 invalid. And for the Karrablast, the winner should be @Dkim0107 with his 600k offer. As it took place at 8/25/2022 5:04AM GMT+2 ,applying the 15 minutes rule it should end at 5:19AM GMT+2 , that makes @Blatantlybad's offer at 5:12AM invalid. Reminder: Time for offers that are done in-game for forum auctions count when they are posted on the post not when they are done in-game,as by common sense, before they were posted they weren't known by anyone. I have forced the pokemons to the rightful winners with correct bids. @Rinoc please be careful in the future. ~Haruyukio
  12. Hello I have forced the trade as both parties couldn't meet. ~Haruyukio
  13. Hello To clear the doubts, all auctions started on 8/21/2022 7:00PM GMT+2 , since its a 48 hour auction; it ends 8/23/2022 7:00PM GMT+2. With that being said, the winners are the ones stated in that post: @Alcahtras please be careful next time with the auction timing and avoid sharing false duration if you are not sure. Also, please make sure to include a screenshot of the trades next time. ~Haruyukio
  14. Hello The void has been voided as the auctioneer used another account to make false offer, he will be punished accordingly. ~Haruyukio
  15. Hello I confirm that the pokemon has been sold by the 1M insta ingame. @Soulsil please next time make sure you include the screenshot of the trade/offer. ~Haruyukio
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