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  1. Looking for short story service, I need first 4 gyms in Kanto completed. Pay - 200k Time limit- 5 days Minus 10k each day over 5 days Pm if interested
  2. +1 R.i.p to my epic fails that got trashed....
  3. Just a thread to show appreciation for the game and all the work staff do to make sure the community is happy and having fun during their time in pro! Drop a +1 !
  4. hi, is this service still available? i need full story service for 1 account. kanto-sinnoh plus subway and teleport quest.
  5. hi i would like to purchase full story service, kanto-sinnoh with subway and teleporter quest, how much will it cost? thank you
  6. hi i need story service, kanto-sinnoh, with subway and teleporter quest, what is the price? , thank you
  7. Hi, is it against PRO rules to purchase story service from another player? Giving them my account information and then they complete the regions for money and then giving the account back to me? Is any of that against PRO rules? I've seen someone get banned for this for whatever reason, and still see story service advertised so just want to make sure.
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