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  1. I'm sorry for that, Will edit the post right away.
  2. @gianni345is willing to buy it for 45m. Also no need for unnecessary comments, you can ask on discord ty.
  3. Hello, I'm selling my shiny Mimikyu I'm looking for 55m+ Only accept pokedollars as payment Accept trade with pvpable shinys (Looking for trash s greninja) Contact me on discord if interested Hinata#1719
  4. Cyan won the auction congrats, pm me in game whenever you're available ty ^^
  5. Start 3m Min raise 1m Instant buy 8m Duration 24hours Payment only in pokedollars
  6. Hello @Pokkieyou have won the auction, pm me in game whenever you are available.
  7. Hello @Luohanyou have won the auction, please pm me in game whenever you're online ty.
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