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  1. Event form: Halloween-Xmas No interest to join staff, just hope gyarados get some skin :d
  2. I would love UU pvp, not seeing those legendaries
  3. Wts Shiny steelix for mega 20m (Don't ask about the price ^^ Its for rich people not caring about money), accept items, cc,... Second option: Trade for an epic shiny that i like. (Only shiny, im a collector) Pm me Some shinies in wishlist: (Of course if its tier 1 it will need perfect ivs): Shiny Ursaring (Gut, Brave or Ada, Brave best, low speed accepted) Shiny Conkeldurr (Brave or Ada, Abi flexible) Other shiny trickroom pokes (Setter prefered) Shiny fast sweepers (Not weather fast sweepers) (No need to be related to trickroom) Message me, ty
  4. Crobat 1m Golbat 500k Nido 100k (Very cheap) Golduck 3m (Maybe someone will interest) Steelix 20m (Im setting it 4 times original price so its hard to buy ^^ maybe someone will interest) Accept Cc and items
  5. Rotom 250k (Currently in Gold) S Golduck 3m (Currently in Gold) S Crobat 1m (Currently in Silver)
  6. I have an epic shiny steelix I worked very hard for, and finally made it to buy it for 5m... but I have only worked it 1/3 of the process achieving its stone... very depressing
  7. Wtb shinies good ivs 500k 1m 2m 3m 4m 5m+ budget (Not looking at rarity, only looking at usability)
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