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  1. Hi, I came back to the game after a year break and my bike disappeared from my backpack, I can't use it and when I went back to the Cerulean shop the kid asked me if I wanted to spray it which means that I've already done the quest.
  2. I don't think it requires a manual approval as it needs only to not be already taken, in the regard of being offensive and inappropriate, I have seen many names that would be considered in my language or in English, pretty offensive but players can just seal that off by relating it to a dog name or a persona, something that supposedly exists in the Internet or in their lives, so unfortunately I can't really say that there's a 100% working solution for that... But this option is against staff members, they can't have concrete proof that the player is deliberately using an offensive name, as
  3. I wanted to suggest this because I get tired of bringing one pokemon in my team every time that lets me climb waterfalls, if there are locations more related to diving and waterfalls in the new regions you should create a "scuba dive kit" for diving and a "water jetpack" or "water boots" for climbing those. For example an annoying thing that led to this suggestion, is the boss Terminator, I can't bring my full boss team to counter him because I need a pokemon for climbing the waterfall, this is just an example but for the future regions, this problem should be kept in mind. Another alte
  4. +1 I've been trying to change my name for a while but I'd have to sacrifice months or weeks of saving to just change a simple name, it's not even that difficult of a task I think, transferring server is more challenging in my opinion, so I don't think changing name is worth more to be honest. 100 coins if done already one time seems enough for that small change, and the first time should be for free like all the games in the whole world, they all have that option, but 5m for a name change pushes the player completely away from that idea, even rich players that have numbers and and random
  5. Hey Bhimoso, if you forgot to mention or I didn't see, in the game settings there's an option that involves around the speed of the text and animations during battle, for beginners, they don't necessarily know that taking off animations and maxing out speed makes the battle faster, so it makes the training less draining and it gives us enough time to do both stats to 252 before the Safari Time runs out (based on my experience). I'd love if you could mention that in the guide, if as I said I didn't notice that part, if not the guide is complete, 'grats!!
  6. 800 for naive if there's still time
  7. Sorry I just saw that I was late by some minutes so Pink is definitely the winner, 'grats.
  8. Hey, I'd like to buy the epic Azumarill for 500k
  9. [bGCOLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]@TheKillingLight won the auction by a last bid of 2.1m[/bGCOLOR] [bGCOLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]Congratulations to him!![/bGCOLOR] [bGCOLOR=rgb(41, 105, 176)]This thread can be closed, thank you to all the participants and good luck next time:worryyes:[/bGCOLOR]
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