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  1. Would somebody mind filling me in on the biggest things that's changed and updated this year?
  2. Everyone's too distracted by Sinnoh they misunderstand we will all get a free shiny Arceus.
  3. Now, New Years themed Poke :y:?
  4. Leading :) Thanks for all the interest thus-far, everyone.
  5. Time for me to go focus again on work and school. This is the last of my team. Reasonably offer :Shy: ?
  6. I value my accomplishments on what I have the time and motivation for, simply. I play the game at my own pace and any comparison to my progression to another player's is put in a more optimistic perspective. Rather than "Wow, he must have alot of bot alts" or "He must be unemployed", it's easier to A). Admire their achievement, B). set a new goal to motivate myself even further to get there, C). enjoy the journey - the destination is only bittersweet. Regardless, this isn't to say the players using third party software doesn't hurt the economy or discourage others - because it still does,
  7. If you take the initiative to reach out to somebody rather than wait for the party to come to you, you won't be lonely. It's true there's alot of bad apples in MMO's (PRO much less likely, actually!); but there's always somebody to talk to whom may also feel the very same way. Start up a conversation: 1). Hello there :) How are you? 2). Happy Holidays :D - Are you ready for Christmas? Battle them, trade with them, do the event or hunt with them, etc. Viola, you have a new friend.
  8. Holidays on PRO are the best. Not only do they feel so festive, but there's always something to do. Like today, we cannot even login. Yet, I've had the client login screen open for the past hour now after waking up just to hear the yet again, beautiful-relaxing music and glance occasionally at the polished, festive artwork. I don't know nor do I need to know why the volunteers within the PRO staff turnover so often. But what I do know and I feel I speak on behalf of many others, is that my gratitude for this game being here and the passion being those helping upkeep it is very deep - thank
  9. Yes, it's currently down. Possibly down for maintenance.
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