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  1. calhanoglu I was never able to use this option on the dashboard I click and it doesn't open a new page
  2. the difference that within the game you can buy at any time without having to fight a pokemon with someone
  3. I tried to buy an alomomola and I couldn't because the person didn't know how to sell pokemon on the forum, I was the last to offer and he sold it to someone else, and a trading house in the game would be a dream
  4. see the background of the battle colored and the other all white, in suspicious there is the background of the battle all white, and this color is bad for the vision
  5. there are so many suspicious battles that the white background hurts my vision, they could make a background with forests or mountains etc.
  6. i used rain dance from mega swampert and switched to mananphy and then rest and continued sleeping
  7. it wasn't a visual bug, I tried to attack and mananphy kept sleeping, it happened in two battles with different players
  8. I used rain dance and mananphy kept sleeping in the rain
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