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  1. Devs are aware of this issue. Android/Mac users will have a new client to fix this, we suggest you to avoid PvPing until the next client release. Thanks for your patience and sorry for this inconvenience, Have a good day, Tinvinn.
  2. Greetings everyone! I would like to thank everyone for giving PRO a competitive environment for another season. I would also like to congratulate each player and guild who made it to the top of the ladder, on behalf of the whole staff team. We all wish you the best in the next season. Thanks for participating ! REWARDS : • Normally, 1st Place will receive 600 PvP coins, 2nd place 595, and so on. • Top ladder guilds shall receive 25% EXP Boost for the entirety of the next season! • Top 25 players from each server are eligible to enter the ladder tourn
  3. Hello @BIGDAGAN Account sharing is allowed but not recommended. If your friend break a rule on your account, you will be punished, we prefer avoid this, also, as noticed in your post, you want to play in Pvp, I suggest you to read our Pvp rules before starting playing in our ranked queue to avoid any mistake. Good luck to you and your friend! Wish you a good day, Kind regards, Tinvinn.
  4. Please, use the right section(General support) next time for your question. I moved it into this one. For your problem, in first, delete all of your files, Then, please try to download with this link : https://pokemonrevolution.net/forward/win64_ddl Or if this one doesn't work, use this : https://mega.nz/file/MDpWUIYY#qRSsMwKBJygkd0ufDjtohG26Lbp1NtlYLO_05Y9slWU Wish this issue will be resolved with this, Let us know if this is not the case, Have a good day; Tinvinn
  5. For now, Aegislash isn't banned. We're reviewing this and you'll be informed if it will/or not be banned in PvP in our Official PRO Discord. Just stay tunned in #Announcements . Have a nice day, Kind Regards, Tinvinn.
  6. Thanks for your contribution in the game ! Best of luck in the future.
  7. No problem, We understand that's annoying to waste time/Lp on this, our team is working on it. We hope this bug will be solved as soon as possible. Wish you a good day, Kind regards, Tinvinn.
  8. Hello [uSER=2172378]@etto900[/uSER]; This bug happen sometimes, staff is actually working on it, we're sorry for this inconvenience by the way. Then, for your answer, nobody have to pay someone. It's not allowed. That could be considering as rank boosting. It really depend of the battle/players and if the issue is clearly a win for one of the users, the "looser" can be fair and disconnect but that's not in our rules, he has the right to do nothing. If nobody is winning sadly, you've to wait until one of you disconnect. Do you have any question ? Looking for your reply, Tinvinn.
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