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  1. I mean, you basically used the argument (offer and demand) without realising that this alone already would solve the concerns that have been offered by you and some others (I guess "-1"). I told you why I think your concerns are not reasonable, this is not redundant, to express it over and over again - true, that is. If you have an ueber pkm, it already moves in priceranges you can only afford if you have a lot of cash, and when you have a lot of cash, it doesnt matter if the pokemon is pink and therfore worth 3m or so more. The price has to be payed by someone, if nob
  2. I am on gold server only, dunno about silver, but I definitively doubt that "hundreds" of pink pokemon would come life. Those who would be pinkanized, of course would be godly ones, that is for certain. I just cant share your fear of a disrupted "market" due to that. Everything I know about economics is flabbergased by these wild concerns. Though, thank you for explaining what your concerns are, even though I dont agree with them.
  3. ^Yes, and that is fine! You dont have to like the suggestion, but I expect at least some minor feedback so I (or someone else) eventually can come up with something else. To me it just sounds logical to the theme itself, also the lore of pkm, that the pkm are pink because on that island they eat pink berries - at least from that perspective I find that a fitting theme. but spamming -1 for obvious reasons and such stuff is kinda triggering, because what am I supposed to understand with that? What value brings it forth to think about? I guess I should of just opened a poll, so people
  4. Exactly, you say it yourself, offer and demand, thus, the price would find itself in the spot affordable for _collectors_. We have already established that such a berry could be made bound to an account, I dont see the point why you are offering this kinda critique that the poster above already found a solution for. It is always easy to say "If you cant understand that blabla..", without leaving some fundamental arguments of a strong claim you have made, namely that the market would crash. Sorry that I seem rude, but if you actually take the time to answer, do it fundamentally, wit
  5. I agree to g3n3r4l here, you could bind that item to the account (or in his argument, the pkm that has been pinkanized). To the other concern, what would be wrong having a few godly pkm pink? Noyone is forced to buy these! It would not wreck the economy, lets be real here, how many people do you know who have done this quest in first place? It would be so hard to obtain the berry (or whatever other reward), how is it not justified to give a pokemon a lot more value for collectors? I really dont get your point tbh, no offense. I mean, if you think it was that easy, go ahead and grind yourself t
  6. Hey there, after being obsesses catching a pink pancham to show to the NPC who asks to see one, I wondered about the reward it might give. Searching forums and asking around I have never gotten an answer (probably since not many players have ever done this quest). Now though, one seemed to know, and said he/she was pretty certain that the reward is . If this is true, I really would suggest to reevaluate the rewards as this is absolutely disproportional (imo) to the difficulty of meeting the required task. If we calculate that chance, it is fair to say you gotta be very luck
  7. There is some irritating sound issues with effects in battle while wearing headphones. A sound gets played (spawning, et cetera,) and right after it makes a sound as if you connect/disconnect headphones. That is, over time, quite disturbing and keeps me from having the sound turned on at all. Greetings.
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