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  1. eric66 is totally right, you STALL LORDS just need to adopt the meta. i only clock in at about 25 rating on my best days, and clearly i know nothing about pvp from any generation of pokemon, however i would like for you to listen to and value my opinion anyway. gren should not be banned and even if you take the time to organize your reasoning in a clear cut easy to read format, stating nothing but facts, i will continue to ignore them and deflect your argument with statements like: if we are playing a gen 6 meta but have some pokemon and mechs from gen7 that
  2. Hello looking to sell this pupitar this set is an XY ou set for ttar which i think can really have some value with the introduction of megas Im not very good with prices and things like that so i am open to offers i will set the instant at 1m
  4. Hello and welcome to my shop all prices are flexible all offers are considered FEATURED MONS SHINIES KANTO STARTERS TYRANITAR ROTOM 50k each idk VULPIX (drought) Azumaril MAGMAR MIX UP cheapies offer FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME ANYTIME or else
  5. HELLO :3 due to the fact that i couldnt figure out how to update my shop after the forum updates i am making a new thread (my spoilers werent working) i have some new mon i would like sell no prices are set in stone and all prices can be negotiated
  6. 1st char sold to g3n3r4l
  7. WELCOME no price is set in stone all prices can be negotiated [spoiler=mega charizard x] 700k SOLD 300k 300k [spoiler=mega charizard y] 250k 250k [spoiler=mega blastoise] 500k 250k [spoiler=sun combo] PACKAGE DEAL - 600k [spoiler=cheapies 100k]
  8. Hi :D soooo im looking to buy a timid rotom with a minimum of 25 speed 22 bulk and spatk the rotom does not need a specific hidden power and it doesnt have to be ev trained either(preferably) the set i plan to run isnt 252spe/252spatk im look to invest enough speed with +nature to outspeed bisharp on the switch into defog to land a wisp but with enough bulk to take a +2 knock from burnt addy bg bisharp and the sucker punch that will follow the more speed and bulk the better (willing to sac spatk iv for amazing bulk and amazing speed) :D ty *edit 1 yes bold could accomplish
  9. hello :D im starting a bid for my ttar, she is a just a little sassy XD i want to start the bid at 2m and make the minimum 200k to bid as for a buy out? im not 100% sure on prices but 5m just to set a roof *before anyone asks, i had to evolve it into ttar becase i caught it as a pupitar with my bms activated and since pupitar only has 1 ability i needed to evolve it to ensure that i had sand stream and not the h.a unnerve... sorry for the leveling inconvenience in advance however i dont believe this should affect the price in anyway*
  10. hi im interested in your rotom wash could i offer 400k if you still have it?
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